Do No Evil

Think of the Ape Atoll monkeys and what comes to mind? The food-fixated King Awowogei? The three wise monkeys and their pranks? Being slapped around by ninja monkeys? Whatever you remember of the Atoll, it’s likely to feature in our new master quest, Do No Evil!

That’s not to say that you’ll be monkeying around in the same way as before; technically, Do No Evil is a desert quest that just happens to involve apes. So, what will result when you throw a monkey wrench into the serious and sombre workings of the desert? Finding out is only half the fun, as you monkey see, monkey do your best to help set up a simian colony among the sandy dunes.

Push through the good times (and the bad) and you’ll earn a chunk of experience, access to a unique location and a new transport link. You’ll also learn more about the lesser gods (particularly the monkey-headed goddess Apmeken), tie up some of the desert storyline’s loose ends, and gain some insight into what is yet to come.

Mod Edam
RuneScape Content Developer


Where to start Do No Evil:

Speak to Senliten in her tomb south of Uzer

Requirements to start Do No Evil:

Escort Leela from Draynor to Senliten’s tomb
50 Ranged
64 Construction
68 Crafting
70 Magic
70 Thieving
Animal Magnetism
Dealing with Scabaras
Desert Treasure
Missing My Mummy (Senliten restored to 100%)
Recipe For Disaster (Freeing King Awowogei)
Shadow of the Storm
Smoking Kills
Ability to defeat enemies with levels ranging from 165-180

In other news...

We’ve added the percentage you’ve completed to Skill Targets, based on your feedback about last week's update.

Gnome gliders have been updated to reduce the number of clicks to fly between various locations.

Halloween masks have been further tweaked to bring them closer to their original colour.

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