Double Cash this Week on the Squeal of Fortune!

Double Cash this Week on the Squeal of Fortune!

Double Cash on the Squeal of Fortune!

A brand new feature has been introduced to Squeal of Fortune – now you can turn any unwanted items into coins instead!

For even the luckiest spinners on the Squeal of Fortune there’s a chance you’ll win an item you don’t want to keep. Maybe you don’t have space in your inventory, or perhaps you don’t need it for the skill you’re currently working on. Now all you have to do is click the “convert to coin” button to instantly exchange the item for coins! You can hover your mouse cursor over the button to see how many coins you’ll receive before you click.

To coincide with this new feature, Yelps is feeling particularly generous. Doubly so, in fact: for the next week all coin prizes are doubled! Land on the 200 million coin box and you’ll take away a massive 400 million coins! Not only are all your coin prizes doubled, the value of every item you convert to coins is doubled too!

If that wasn’t enough, Yelps has greased the gears of the wheel, so when you win a double spin tickets it now gets automatically activated and added to your available spins, without the need to exit the Squeal of Fortune and locate it in your inventory.

What a doubly great week on the Squeal of Fortune!

Remember, during August’s Sizzling Summer, members receive three daily spins instead of one, so subscribe to increase your chances of amassing a fortune! Don’t forget to check out the Squeal of Fortune wiki page for ways of earning extra spins.

Solomon's Store

Six new titles are now available at Solomon’s General Store. Now you can be “The”, so there’s no mistaking you; let everyone know your potential with “Junior”; go formal with “Mr/Mrs”; demand a little respect as “Master/Miss”; add “Esquire/Ms” for an air of nobility; or announce that the “Doctor” is in! Remember that members receive a 10% discount on everything in the store, and for this week only everybody gets 25% off the Lumberjack Woodcutting and Pegasus Teleport animations!

The third part of the Tropical Islander outfit is now available as part of Sizzling Summer! To pick up the grass skirt for free, head over to Solomon’s General Store. Don’t forget to renew your membership to ensure you don’t miss out on this and all the other great items to come during Sizzling Summer!

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