Duel Arena: Go Forth and Duel

Duel Arena (free players and members)

The Duel Arena has been given a great big graphical polish, bringing it up to the standard of the Al Kharid rework that came with the Stolen Hearts and Diamond in the Rough quests last year. Go head-to-head against your chosen foe amid flowing banners, rough-hewn masonry and sand-blasted ruins; there's no more fitting place in RuneScape to prove your worth in one-on-one PvP combat.

We've made some structural and technical tweaks, too: there are new, dedicated arenas for boxing matches and summoning-enabled duels, and - while there are fewer visible combat arenas - starting a duel when they're full up will automatically generate an instance for you, so you'll always have a place to fight.

Duel Arena

If you've not ventured out to the Duel Arena before, there's never been a better time to do so. In the arena, you can get a taste of PvP combat with no chance of losing your hard-earned gear. You set the conditions of the fights: you can duel for a mutually agreed stake of items or gold coins, or just enjoy a friendly scrap for fun and bragging rights. You can set other conditions too: fancy a muscular brawl just with melee weapons? No problem. Think crossbows at dawn are the only civilized way to settle a dispute? That can be arranged. You can even claim a duellist's cap from the mightily moustachioed Estocada, which can be upgraded as you rack up wins for improved looks, an emote, and the ability to transform into a statue commemorating your victories.

The gauntlet's been thrown down. Go forth and duel!

Mod Wilson

How to access the Duel Arena:

The Duel Arena can be found just a short way north east of Al Kharid.

Within its bounds, you will see an axe icon in the top right of the screen. When this is visible, you can right click other players and click 'Challenge' to invite them to a duel.



Behind the Scenes Video

Take a tour of the improved Duel Arena in our latest Behind the Scenes video. There's information about the benefits that the HTML5 Graphics Engine will bring to RuneScape 3, too:

In Other News

  • Want to mix up the music for your travels around Gielinor? Now you can, with the new music shuffle button. Find it in the options interface.
  • New elemental outfits and emotes - based around earth, fire, wind and water - are now available in Solomon's General Store!
  • Don't forget that there's an easier-to-win super rare item on the Squeal of Fortune, each day until Thursday. Once they've had their time in the sun they'll no longer be up for grabs, so be sure to spin every day! See here for details.
  • From Friday, look out for some all-new super rares on the Squeal of Fortune. More details to come soon.

The patch notes archive can be seen here.

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