Dungeoneering Dual Wielding and Charming Imp

Dungeoneering Off-Hand Weapons (members)

There are some situations when one weapon just won't do, and delving into the perilous depths of Daemonheim is one of them. By popular demand, we've added off-hand versions of most Dungeoneering weapons for members, allowing dual wielding. We've also added new main-hand and off-hand weapons for mages, as well as magic and ranged-class shields. Finally, we've added in main-hand and off-hand throwing knives, and rendered a selection of creatures vulnerable to thrown weapons.

With the improvements made recently, dual wielding is now on par with packing a two-hander when it comes to dishing out pain. Mages won't miss out either, as the new main-hand and off-hand mage weapons open up all-new options for wreaking magical havoc with devious dual-wielding spell combinations. The off-hand weapons, throwing knives and mage gear drop from a variety of Daemonheim bosses, and can be crafted or smithed by members with the skill to do so.

Charming Imp (members only)

100,000 Dungeoneering tokens will now buy you a charming imp: a friendly little fellow with an almost unhealthy love of summoning charms.

While sitting in your inventory, the imp will automatically pick up any summoning charms dropped by enemies that you kill, saving you valuable time on prolonged combat or Slayer training trips and ensuring that your supply of charms remains well stocked.

He's also capable of sorting collected charms for you: speak to him with a right click, and for each type of charm you'll be able to decide whether he deposits it in your inventory, or keeps it for himself in exchange for a small amount of Summoning XP per charm. This can be changed at any time by talking to the charming imp again.


Mod Ollo


  • There are no special requirements for Dungeoneering off-hand weapons.

  • You must be a RuneScape member to use the charming imp.
  • The charming imp requires 21 Dungeoneering and costs 100,000 Dungeoneering tokens.

Behind the Scenes Video

Take a look at our latest Behind the Scenes video here:

In Other News

  • We've reverted the default behaviour for depositing items in a bank. As before, you will now deposit a single item rather than depositing the entire stack of items. We are investigating a way of making deposit all a toggleable option in the future, however.
  • Solomon's Store now stocks the imposing Executioner's Outfit, complete with a cruel-looking axe override for mauls and halberds. There's also the Actor's Emote Set, which gives you 18 dramatic emotes.
  • Coming this weekend to the Squeal of Fortune, Sadim's Gloves grant you gold while skilling, and look spectacular as well. More details to come soon.
  • In line with player feedback, the Guthixian High Druid in the post-quest chamber for The World Wakes now offers a 'Reminisce' option, which will allow you to rewatch the cutscenes from the quest.
  • The Tribute to Guthix event has now ended.

The patch notes archive can be seen here.

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