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Dwarf chunks, beta content and more tough choices - News - RuneScape - RuneScape

Dwarf chunks, beta content and more tough choices

Its been said that if we tried to pack any more into RuneFest 2011, theres a chance it might actually burst. However, we see the threat of watching chunks of dwarf, goblin and troll litter half of London as a challenge and so its our great pleasure to announce three more excellent reasons to bag yourself a ticket to the biggest ever RuneScape party.

Reason #1: Play Beta Content

For the first time in ten years of Jagex game development, were removing our test servers from the hidden depths of the RuneScape Studio and dropping them directly into RuneFest. Be the first to play brand new content and fight notorious bosses before we release it to the wider world. The Dominion Tower is a true test of skill and endurance as you climb ever higher in the pursuit of victory. This is high-level content, but dont worry; you'll be using our tough-as-nails test accounts - hard enough to hold their own while you get the hang of tackling the bosses!

Reason #2: Lend your voice to 2012s content

There was a time when our audio team could always be found locked up in a cushion walled studio. Hunched over keyboards, theyd write midi tracks to fit every area of RuneScapes vast world. Then, new, deeper sounds emerged as the tech got clever and the team left the confines of the studio armed with microphones and imagination. And so RuneScapes sound has become more colourful than ever with bright, rich and engaging sounds added all the time. The audio team are coming to London in search of more sounds and they need your help to make them! Join the team at RuneFest and take this opportunity to leave your mark on RuneScape, forever!

Reason #3: Even more Insider Sessions

With only so many hours in a weekend, it was incredibly tough trying to decide which Insider Sessions to hold this year. Weve made it easy on ourselves by doubling the number of rooms available to host them. That means a whole extra weekends worth of sessions focusing on a huge range of RuneScape related joy. Whether you want to meet the artists behind the Myreque quest line, take part in the Game Design Workshop or learn what it takes to build and maintain a fansite from RuneHQs design team, there are now a whole new range of tough choices to make for your RuneFest weekend.

For a complete list of all additional Insider Sessions, head over to

And if all that doesnt make a dwarf pop, weve more announcements very soon that just might!

The RuneFest Team

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