Earn RuneCoins through SuperSonicAds – Keys Coming Soon!

Want extra RuneCoins without the cost? Whether you’re a free player or member, now you can earn RuneScape rewards without spending a penny, and soon you’ll be able to get Treasure Hunter Keys!

Head over to Solomon’s General Store now and you’ll see a new button labelled ‘Earn RuneCoins’. Give it a click and you’ll be asked to participate in an offer, such as watching an advert, completing a questionnaire, installing an app or subscribing to a service. Take part and you’ll be rewarded with the specified amount of RuneCoins – at no extra cost!

As mentioned in Mod MMG’s forum post, you’ll also be able to earn Keys in Treasure Hunter from next month.

For full details on everything mentioned here, including any issues claiming your RuneCoins or Treasure Hunter Keys, check out the official FAQ.

The RuneScape Team

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