Earthquake Rocks Lumbridge

Lumbridge residents were shaken earlier today by another earth tremor emanating from the geologically unstable region beneath the Lumbridge swamp.

Explorers report that a new tunnel has opened up, and tell tales of a huge chasm in the earth populated by floating creatures made out of living light.

A passing druid is reported as being very excited at the news, and claims that the caves contain a focus of mystical power, the fabled Tears of Guthix. He quoted from a druidic tome:

"But on his way into the depths of the earth, he sat and rested in this cave;
and, thinking of the battle-scarred desert that now stretched from one side of his world to the other, he wept.
And so great was his sorrow, and so great was his life-giving power, that the rocks themselves began to weep with him..."

As well as a new quest, this update includes a repeatable minigame that will give players XP in whichever skill is their weakest.

Players who have many quest points will find themselves at an advantage.

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