Easter bunnies infest RuneScape!

Easter bunnies are infesting RuneScape!

Children around RuneScape were expecting the Easter Bunny to bring them eggs this week, but instead of one big bunny they have found dozens of little ones! The bunnies are contained in two areas, south of Falador and north-west of Varrock.

Unfortunately the new rabbits haven't quite grasped the spirit of Easter, and rather than handing the eggs out they are burying them in the ground. Bring a spade to dig them up again and give them to the children (or eat them yourself).

One of the eggs has a rather interesting effect that will unlock a new emote, and, if eaten in the correct place, will open up a whole new area. If you venture into the rabbit warren you can discover who is behind the rabbits' strange behaviour, and perhaps even earn a new magical ring.

The Easter eggs will all melt on 24th April, and the rabbits and their warren will disappear. Players who have unlocked the new emote will still be able to use it, and those who have obtained the magic ring will be able to keep it.

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