Egg-streme Management (Easter 2010)

Egg-streme Management (Easter 2010)

In this year’s Easter holiday event, you’ll once again visit Easter Bunny Jr’s (EBJ) Egg Plant factory, fix his broken machines, de-funk the Easter Bird and retrain a jobsworth squirrel workforce, but all that’s just the start of it! EBJ has discovered the joys of having ‘face time’ with his customers and, so embroiled in customer satisfaction red tape as he is, requires a middle manager to run the entire work-floor production line.

Once the factory floor is up and running, it’s up to you to delegate ‘production resource’ and get everyone ‘moving forward’ with the task of fulfilling this year’s chocolate egg quota. From the look of EBJ’s clients, the word ‘deadline’ couldn’t be more appropriate, so hurry up and deliver the goods before the bunny gets eaten, set upon by goblins, loses his ‘ealth or worse.

Prove your blue collar credentials and you’ll win over some new squirrel-friend workmates, avoiding a ‘Miscellanian Kiss’ from one particular blue-faced rodent in the process. At this rate, you’ll be the one wearing the big bunny suit next Easter.

Mod Fnord
RuneScape Content Developer


Where to start Egg-streme Management:

Talk to Charlie the squirrel, south of Falador.

Requirements to play Egg-streme Management:


In other news...

As promised in the Guaranteed Content Poll, the Darkbow can now be recoloured. Stop by Barbarian Assault and talk to Commander Connad to get yours changed.

Easter will be in-game for at least two weeks from this update.

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