Elf City: What Would You Like to Know?

Prifddinas - Lost City of the Elves has been ‘found’ for a few days now, and we hope you’re loving everything Prifddinas has to offer.

In addition to the Q&A live stream, we’re giving you three chances to talk to the team who helped to create the wondrous crystal city this week.

So, whether you’re a forum-dweller, Redditor, or Twitter-fanatic, there’s plenty of opportunity to have all your questions answered!

Session #1 – Reddit AMAA – Thursday 25th September, 5pm BST

Head over to the RuneScape subreddit at around 4.50pm, just before the session starts, and check out our bespoke AMAA thread.

Post all your questions onto the thread, sit back, and let the team answer them. These could be anything from feedback to feverish inquiries for information to the contents of the second batch of Prifddinas.

Session #2 - #AskElfCity Tweetchat – Thursday 25th September, 7pm BST

Next, we’ll be heading over to Twitter, where your questions will take a much more 140-character-sized guise.

Between 7-8pm, ask any questions about Elf City art, lore, design or development using the hashtag #AskElfCity, and we’ll answer as many as we can!

Session #3 – Forum Q&A – Friday 26th September, 2pm BST

Finally, head over to the RuneScape forums between 2-3pm on Friday afternoon, where we'll answer any queries you have about Prifddinas.

We’ll open up this thread at around 1.50pm for you to start posting your questions. So, fire away!

Elf City has been a real collaborative effort between you and the RuneScape Team. We’ve been taking your feedback on board for the duration of its development, and we want you keep you as involved as possible in the city’s ongoing growth.

So make sure you take advantage of these exclusive sessions – we look forward to your questions!

The RuneScape Community Team

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