Elite Achievement Diaries

Elite Achievement Diaries

This week sees an Elite tier of tasks added to all existing Achievement Diaries (save for Ardougne, which already had Elite tasks, though there is now an Ardougne cloak 4 reward), plus a review of all the old rewards to make them work in a consistent way and be more user friendly. The Lumbridge/Draynor diary has had Hard tasks added instead, all of which are available to free players.

Should you rise to the challenge, youíll be skilling your way around the world baking pies, fletching bows, manic mining, fighting some seriously dangerous critters and a lot more besides. Face some of the biggest challenges that exist in the world of RuneScape to complete these diaries and, if you succeed, youíll find yourself worthy of receiving the Elite rewards!

Rewards, I hear you cry? Yes, in true Achievement Diary tradition, youíll not only get experience lamps, but also some useful rewards to help in your everyday RuneScape life. These can range from the very generic, like teleports, to the very specific, like a handy shortcut in Brimhaven Dungeon.

Youíll also find that existing Achievement Diary rewards will have changed very slightly. Things like toggles for teleports, where possible, are now done by talking to NPCs rather than on the objects. If you have earned the ability to toggle the destination of the Watchtower or Varrock Teleport spells, youíll find your POH portals will also take you and your friends to wherever youíve toggled them to go!

Quite a lot of the existing rewards now no longer require the related diary clothing to be worn for you to benefit from them, but, to make sure youíre not missing out on your rewards, youíll also receive a little message for those times when you would have received a benefit if you had been wearing some Achievement Diary clothing.

The Achievement Diary section of the Game Guide lists all of the new tasks and indicates which rewards require you to be wearing the reward clothing and which ones do not.

Good luck, elite adventurers!

Mod Maz
Senior RuneScape Content Developer
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