Exclusive Goggles only in Chrome

Weíve teamed up with Google to bring Chrome users a set of exclusive goggles to wear in-game. Whether youíre looking to style yourself as an eccentric engineer or to spruce up your forum avatar, these are a sartorially sound choice of headgear.

Google Chrome is a great choice for RuneScape players looking for a browser thatís speedy, secure and simple to use; itís already the browser of choice for 26% of our users, and is used right here in the Jagex office. For a limited time, those who choose to log in using Google Chrome will receive a pair of these prismatic marvels as a free gift.

The goggles are available to free players and members alike. If youíre an existing Chrome devotee, you need only to log in and the goggles will be deposited into your bank.

This spectrum-spanning set of eyewear is only available for a limited time and isnít tradable, so be sure to grab your goggles while you can!

For further details, see our Chrome Goggles FAQ.

Once you have your goggles, why not enter our free competition for a chance to win £30 of Jagex Store vouchers?

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