FAQ: Premier Club 2021/2022

FAQ: Premier Club 2021/2022

With the announcement of Premier Club came some uncertainties and questions and so we would like to clear them up where possible!

Q: I was a Premier Club Member that was impacted by the Login Lockout earlier this year. How do I claim my promised discount as an impacted player?

A: We're happy to share your discount is now ready as of November 16th - simply head to our Premier Club landing page, click Buy Now and your discounted rate will be visible once you've logged in.

For those planning to buy Premier Club with Bonds, we'll be offering a Bond refund rather than an upfront discount. Simply pick up Premier Club now for 20 Bonds, and we will work behind the scenes to replace 5 Bonds directly into your account within the following week.

If you are a qualifying player who has purchased Premier Club 2022 prior to the discount going live, we will be awarding your account 5 Bonds to ensure you receive your discounted rate*. There is no need to reach out to us directly - you should have automatically received your Bonds.

To make sure things are super clear, an impacted player is defined as someone who could not log in to their account for a number of weeks during the Login Lockout – if you were one of these players, you’ll have received 3 Wishes with your Guardian’s Gift earlier in the year. You must also have had an active Premier Club membership during the Login Lockout to qualify for this offer.

*Note: If you have already received any form of refund support for purchasing Premier Club 2022 before the automatic discount was active, you will not receive 5 additional Bonds on top of your already provided support.

Q: If I have already purchased the Premier Club before the release of the Hat shards will we still get one?

A: Once the event begins any player with active Premier Club Membership 2022 will receive the shard!

Q: What happened to the Bronze/Silver packages?

A: Very few people took up the Bronze and Silver packages and so we had decided to instead focus our efforts on the more popular package and improve it across the board.

Q: Will there still be Premier Club Reward Tokens?

A: Yes, you will receive 3 Tokens with this year's Premier Club upon purchase!

Q: Will we be able to keep the bank space from the previous Premier Club/Steam

A: The additional Bank Space is a yearly benefit associated with the Premier Club. If you're purchasing Premier Club 2022, this retains the +100 Bank Spaces that comes with Premier Club - it does not stack. If you have purchased a Steam DLC package with additional Bank Spaces, the Premier Club Bank Spaces are the same as the +100 from that DLC and so will also not stack.

Q: Can we still get Premier Club via Steam?

A: Yes, you will not have any issue purchasing it via Steam

Q: If I have an active Premier Club from Summer Sale, do I get any of the new Premier Club drops or benefits - including the Golden Party Hat Shard?

A: In order to get access to the Premier Club 2022 rewards you will need to purchase Premier Club again - this will stack with your current membership so you get X amount of PC months total (depending on how long you have left)

Q: I bought the Premier Club in September, can I still buy this package?

A: You can indeed purchase as if you're already a Premier Club Member and purchase this new version the duration of any existing Membership will simply be extended by another year.

Q: Are there still going to be monthly Oddments? This was one of the few ways for Ironman players to acquire them.

A: The monthly Oddments are not going anywhere they are just being improved as now there are 12 Monthly Drops containing an assortment of desirable items (e.g. Oddments, Umbral Chests, Knowledge Bombs, Yak Track Task Skip, Protean Packs, Variety Packs, Mystery Boxes).

For Ironman players you will still receive the Oddments just not the other items.

Q: Is the Unicorn a Legendary pet that can have special abilities?

A: Sadly Sol is not a Legendary Pet but he is a very good and stable companion!

- The RuneScape Team

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