Fighting the bots - An update

We at Jagex are keenly aware of the botting issues within RuneScape and know how disruptive they can be to our game. Whether itís using a macro program to control an account or power levelling, itís safe to say that itís something that weíre all united in fighting and from the support you give us on the forums, in game and when we meet face to face, itís crystal clear that itís something that you; the RuneScape community, also feel very strongly about.

Thatís why today we want to take a few moments to reaffirm our dedication to the removal of bots and cheats from RuneScape.

We are constantly looking into ways of making the game experience the very best possible for all of our players and as part of our on-going programme to rid the game of bots, Jagex is actively pursuing companies that support the macroing market as well as those who bot. As such we are currently pursuing various bot developers through multiple legal channels, although sadly we cannot yet disclose the full details of our actions for legal reasons. Separately, as part of normal legal process and procedure, we have also taken steps to acquire the details of all players who have purchased bots.

Once we have the information regarding the players involved we will take action specifically to ensure that these players are not compromising the gameís integrity through the use of a third party programs. We are committed to undertaking various initiatives to identify players and companies who are using and distributing bots within RuneScape and will endeavour to inform you all of these efforts as we can.

In the meantime, be safe, donít fall to the dark side and we look forward to the positive outcomes of our actions ultimately making the game experience a better one for everyone.

Daniel Clough
Vice President of Runescape

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