Fish Flingers Improvements

Heading over to Isla Anglerine for a fish-flinging foray into competitive angling has never been easier, more rewarding or more fun with the release of our Fish Flingers improvements. As well as being easier to access, XP gain is upped for those who make the most of their bait and tackle strategy, and there are succulent fillets of XP for those cooperating with other players to reel in really big fish. There are some flippin’ fantastic new rewards from the shop too, including a 4-piece fishing outfit that’ll give up to 2.5% more XP when worn:

Greater Accessibility

  • The fishermen who teleport you to the competition are now permanently present, rather than appearing when a tournament is active. They’re also marked by a D&D icon, as well as a new, distinctive look, so they’re easy to spot. They can be found at the following locations:
  • Competitions now occur every 20 minutes, and – as long as you have an entry ticket remaining – you can wait in the Fish Flingers starting area after a competition for the next one to begin.
  • Rather than receiving 10 entry tickets per week, you can now speak to any one of the fishermen each day to receive 2 tickets.
  • The reward shop is now accessible via any of the fishermen.

Better Gameplay

  • If you reach a 100% rating, you’ll have a chance to hook a big fish. When this happens, you and all other players nearby will be notified. You won’t be able to pull it in on your own, so be sure to ask for help – the XP and point rewards for reeling in one of these beauties will be more than worth it for all involved.
  • Competitions have been reduced in length to 10 minutes, making them more frantic and exciting than before.
  • Interfaces have been reworked and an array of usability improvements have been made, including the following:
    • A countdown timer, displaying the time remaining in the current competition.
    • A new interface, displaying the best tackle combinations you’ve discovered so far.
    • A simpler, easier to understand weight system.
    • Hints can now be obtained by right-clicking on the fisherman, giving you fast fishing advice on the fly.
    • Barrels are closer to the shore, and cast areas are marked on the minimap. It’s also possible – once you’ve selected your bait, hook and weight, of course - to fish by right-clicking on the barrels.

Better Rewards

  • XP rates have been tweaked to reward the efforts of anglers who devote time to finding the optimal combination of tackle for their given situation.
  • A new, four-piece fishing outfit is available in the rewards store, giving a bonus to Fishing XP gain - up to 2.5%, when the full set is worn.
  • All versions of the tackle box earned as a reward now have new features. They hold a stack of raw fish (growing in size as the box is upgraded), karambwan vessels, crayfish cages, living minerals, and your fishing outfit. Through their ‘competition history’ function, they also display your current number of Fish Flingers tickets, and state when you will be able to claim more.

All of these, as well as a net-full of graphical and audio improvements, make Fish Flingers a definitive angling experience for fishers of all levels. Cast away!

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In Other News

  • Acquiring a champion’s tackle box is now a requirement for the trimmed completionist cape.
  • Lost Fish Flingers rewards can now by reclaimed for free at the Fish Flingers rewards shop, or by speaking to any of the fishermen.
  • The graphics in the caves found throughout the Burthorpe area have been improved. Be sure to take a look!
  • The Runic Accuracy and Sharpshooter auras - up to Master level - are currently available for a 25% discounted price!
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