Forestry Open Beta

Forestry Open Beta

Unfortunately, the Beta for Forestry will be postponed indefinitely due to unforeseen technical issues.

The team are currently discussing potential ideas to give you as much insight into Forestry before its launch.

Stay tuned for an update.

Today sees Forestry enter Beta using our brand new Beta Worlds!

Planned Maintenance

Before we get into the heart of the Forestry Beta, we'd like to let you know about the upcoming Planned Maintenance happenning tomorrow June 6th. All RS and OS game worlds unavailable for up to approximately 3 hours.

Here's a list of times for different regions:

  • Los Angeles: 02:00 - 05:00 PDT
  • New York: 05:00 – 08:00 EDT
  • London: 10:00 – 13:00 BST
  • Sydney: 19:00 - 22:00 AEST

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Today at around 13:00 BST, Forestry enters Open Beta! We've spun up this dedicated post instead of leaving the details tucked away in last week's previous Game Update Newspost, so if you missed that then you're in the right place!

The engine team have been tinkering away behind the scenes to improve our Beta worlds! This is a huge improvement for the team, allowing for more flexibility in running Betas and the content that's featured within them! You'll also find that your settings will now save between sessions, so no more rebinding your F-keys every time you log out!

Before we dive into the specifics of the Beta, there are a few things we'd like to clarify.

First, lets talk about Polls! Most of the Forestry poll questions asked 'Should we introduce', whereas some asked 'Should we explore' instead. This is particularly relevant for the tree roots and leaves reward space, where we wanted to simply explore their purpose and place within the game. We settled on various buffs that could provide gameplay benefits that complement Forestry. You'll be able to test these out in the beta, and another Poll will go live to specifically ask if you want them added to the game. Aren't betas great?!

Not only do we want you to get a feel of the new mechanics, events and rewards for the expansion, but Campfires, Leaves and Tea Brewing were some of the hottest topics when discussing Forestry and that's one of the main areas we want to hear your feedback on, so before you jump into the Beta, give this newspost a read and get ready to test out the newest expansion to Woodcutting!

Accessing The Beta

The first thing you'll need to do when jumping into a Beta World is membership and once you've got that, then you can find yourself a world from the list below! They'll be in a lovely new purple, so they're easy to spot!

  • World 585 (AUS)
  • World 586 (GER)
  • World 587 (UK)
  • World 588 (US West)
  • World 589 (US East)

You will need to restart your client when switching between normal and Beta worlds!

This is something that we are going to change in the very near future, but in order to get the Beta worlds ready in time this is something you'll need to keep in mind!

Once you're in a Beta world, you'll enter with your account, but you're on Tutorial Island. Rest assured, this won't affect your main game save and you won't have to complete all of Tutorial Island again! Simply progress through the very beginning of the tutorial then proceed to open the door after the Gielinor Guide and you will be transported to the Forester in Draynor Village.

Now you're in, what do you do?

Freaky Forester

The famous pheasant-hunting Forester is the main man when it comes to Forestry, and this will be the case when the content goes live!

For those of you familiar with our previous Betas, you're probably thinking you should have to visit Ferox's Enclave to gear up and change your stats. Rather than have you trek all the way to the Wilderness (which is so not the vibe for this content), we've given the Freaky Forester a roster of options to help you get the best out of the Beta.

By right-clicking on the not-so-freaky individual, you'll see Talk-to, Shop, Beta-Help & Beta-Supplies. Speaking to the Freaky Forester will give you a brief explanation of Forestry and the 'Shop' option is pretty straightforward in that it will open the Forestry Shop where you can buy supplies and rewards!

If you couldn't guess, the final two options are exclusive to the Beta. 'Beta-Help' gives you a hefty amount of options that will allow you to streamline your Beta experience:

  • "I've lost my Forestry Kit." - Claim yourself a new Forestry Kit!
  • "Can you help me get started?" - Grab yourself 5,000 Anima-Infused Bark to spend as you'd like in the Forestry Shop.
  • "What's New?" - A brief overview of Forestry.
  • "Beta Supplies." - This will allow you access to the Beta Supplies chest which will include a number of handy materials including different types of Axes, Roots and Tea Cups! You can also access this with the 'Beta-Supplies' right-click option.
  • "Set my stats." - Selecting this will give you the option to change all of your individual stats to whatever you feel comfortable with, whether that's going straight to 99 or trying the content out from a moderate 15 Woodcutting.
  • "Change my Iron Man mode." - Test out the content as a Main or Iron with this option.

Now you've got yourself prepared and ready to take on the Beta, let's dive into what's new and shiny!

New Tree Mechanics

Once you've spoken to the Freaky Forester and gotten all the goodies you could ever want: you're ready to chop!

To help support group play and reduce competition, trees will now despawn on a timer that activates after the first cut and regenerates if players stop cutting the tree before it’s fully chopped. A timer's length is based on the average time each different type of tree currently lasts. This means if everyone stops cutting a tree, the timer for the tree will slowly regenerate.

Let's take a look at the times you can expect each tree to remain:

  • Oak: 54s
  • Willow: 1m 36s
  • Teak: 1m 36s
  • Maple: 1m 30s
  • Mahogany: 1m 24s
  • Arctic Pine: 1m 24s
  • Yew: 2m 42s
  • Magic: 4m 42s
  • Redwood: 5m 54s

In addition, players chopping the same tree get an invisible Woodcutting bonus that scales with the number of players, up to a maximum of 10 which will help encourage group skilling!

These features are not accessible everywhere, as normal trees will still work exactly the same as they do currently by falling after one successful cut. Also, you will not receive the invisible bonus when cutting normal trees, while you're within the Woodcutting Guild, or in underground areas such as caves.

Both of these new changes will be accessible to Free-to-Play and Members!

Forestry Kit

Chop chop! Your axe is far from the only trusty tool you’ll need in your Forestry journey. To really succeed, you’ll need a Forestry Kit full of useful bits and bobs for any budding forester.

This new wearable item lets you store a plethora of new tools and materials so you can interact with Gielinor’s forests in whole new ways – however, any good workman knows they must upgrade their tools! You can craft new additions for your Forestry Kit using existing materials, combined with items from the Freaky Forester’s Store. To get your hands on his wares, you’ll need to use an untradeable currency only found in Forestry: Anima-Infused Bark.

During the Beta, the Freaky Forester will provide you with some Anima-Infused Bark to trade. You'll naturally earn these by participating in events and you'll now also have a chance to collect leaves when chopping trees. Don't worry, if you've got the Forestry Kit with you, they will conveniently fall straight in there!

Alongside storing your Anima-Infused Bark and various types of Tree Leaves inside the Forestry Kit, here's a look at the other pieces of gear you can store inside!

Leprechaun Charm

These charms attract the attention of Leprechauns. When someone in your group successfully chops down a tree, having this charm in your Forestry Kit means there is a chance a Leprechaun will offer his services.

You can create this with 70 Crafting, 70 Woodcutting & 35 Farming. Buy a Clover Insignia at the Forestry Shop and combine that with an Emerald and a Ball of Wool to create 10 Leprechaun Charms.

Bee on a Stick

These buzzing buddies help pollinate plants. While chopping trees, they have a chance to detect strange bushes that are ready to pollinate and will assist in you doing so!

You can create this with 50 Hunter, & 35 Woodcutting. Buy some Powdered Pollen at the Forestry Shop and combine that with a Ball of Wool, Logs and within close proximity of a Bee Hive to create 10 Bees on a Stick.

Nature Offerings

These offerings are used when cutting a tree to give you a 60-80% chance to receive an additional log. These will be used whether you receive an additional log or not.

You can create this with 50 Farming & 68 Woodcutting. Buy some Ritual Mulch at the Forestry Shop and combine that with one high-tier herb (Avantoe, Kwuarm, Snapdragon, Cadantine, Lantadyme, Dwarf Weed or Torstol) to create 40 Nature Offerings.

Forester's Ration

The go-to snack for Woodcutting enthusiasts, these tasty treats restore run energy when chopping trees (around 3 points of energy per Ration consumed).

You can make your very own once you've got 35 Cooking & 35 Woodcutting with one pile of leaves (any type) with a slice of Cooked Meat to create 3 Forester's Rations.

Secateurs Attachment

Want to rake in the leaves? Well, these handy clippers are perfect for just that, meaning you'll get more leaves when chopping trees (roughly doubling them!).

Once you've got 35 Smithing & 35 Woodcutting, buy a Secateurs Blade from... you guessed it: the Forester's Shop! Then, combine it with an Iron Bar to create 50 Secateurs Attachments.

Did we mention that all of the kit upgrades are tradeable/stackable – and can be bought and sold on the Grand Exchange or traded between players? Now we've spoken about your necessary tools, let's see what's up with events!


Usually, we need entire new areas to add content to Skills. Not so with Forestry – our aim is to upgrade familiar parts of the world with new and exciting activities. Wherever there are trees, there’s Forestry (with the exception of the Woodcutting Guild and the odd few dungeons).

The first part of Forestry will include four events, and whilst some of the events have a chance to spawn naturally, there are a few that will need at least one person to have the necessary item in their Forestry Kit for it to appear. The good news, however, is that no matter what you have in your Forestry Kit, if an event spawns, everybody can take part in it, even if they haven't been cutting the same tree!

So what events can you take part in?

Rising Roots

Roots will suddenly appear, trying to protect their woody brethren. Cut them down for some experience and Anima-Infused Bark. Make sure to keep an eye out for the ones that glow with energy!

Flowering Tree

Bees will appear alongside new flowers that want to bloom. Find the right two flowers to move pollen between them for experience, Anima-Infused Bark and some seeds or tasty treats! You'll need a Bee on a Stick to make this appear!

Struggling Sapling

Help the poor sapling grow big and strong! Create the right combination of Mulch to feed to the baby tree before it withers away. Get some experience and Anima-Infused Bark in return!


A friendly Leprechaun has appeared! He’ll be able to take your Woodcutting resources straight to the Bank. You'll need a Leprechaun Charm to make this appear!

Remember, all of these events will scale in experience and difficulty depending on the number of players present. This ensures that you’ll be well-rewarded for your efforts, even while playing in a large group!

Leaves & Roots

In addition to a new material, Tree Leaves, we've expanded the number of trees roots can be obtained from! We've also given them some cool new benefits to boot! You'll be able to gather roots and leaves while simply chopping trees.

In Forestry, each leaf type will have its own set of useful effects that can be used all over the game!

  • Production: Boosts production skill level.
  • Gathering: Boosts gathering skill level.
  • Tertiary Power: Sets the power of tertiary effects (added with roots). Adds no power to empty categories.
  • Duration: Increases duration of the boost effect.

As for the specifics you can get from each leaf, they will allow the following effects when brewing Tea and burning on Campfires.

Ingredient Production Gathering Tertiary Power Duration
Oak Leaves + ++ ++++
Willow Leaves + +++ +++
Teak Leaves ++++ ++
Maple Leaves ++ ++
Mahogany Leaves ++ + + ++
Artic Pine Needles + ++ +++
Yew Leaves +++ + + +
Magic Leaves + +++ ++ +
Redwood Leaves ++ ++ ++
Normal Leaves (Farming) + + ++ ++

Not only can you use leaves in your new brews and campfires, but we've also gone to the heart of Woodcutting and given roots a new lease of life! Using Roots via Campfires and Teas will give you new Tertiary effects that can help you out across various activities in the game. Although Willow Roots aren't part of this list, we'd be keen to hear your thoughts on what the missing Root could give, as well as the effect of the current Roots.

Here's a list of the Tertiary Effects!

Ingredient Tertiary Effect
Oak Root Increased chance to find clues
Maple Root Increased minigame rewards
Yew Root Increased Slayer points and Superior spawn chance
Magic Root Chance to save ranged ammo and magic runes

Poll Question #1:

Should we introduce Tertiary effects from Roots? These will give you different types of effects that can be used across the game.

(The specific effects found in the Forestry Beta are being polled separately within this poll)

Poll Question #2:

Should we introduce the Tertiary effect from Oak Roots? This will increase the chance to find Clue scrolls from skilling or in combat.

Poll Question #3:

Should we introduce the Tertiary effect from Maple Roots? This will increase the number of rewards you earn during a minigame.

Poll Question #4:

Should we introduce the Tertiary effect from Yew Roots? This will increase the number of points from Slayer Tasks and increase the chance to spawn a Superior Slayer Creature.

Poll Question #5:

Should we introduce the Tertiary effect from Magic Roots? This will give you a chance to save Ranged ammunition when firing & Runes when casting spells.

Now what do you do with all these cool new effects? Well, you've got two options...

Campfires & Tea

Lighting a fire with any type of log and then adding a leaf, root (or another log) to the roaring flames will transform it into a special Forester's Campfire, producing smoke to show that it's changed. The better the log, the longer the duration of the fire!

You'll have two options with the new fires, 'Tend to' and 'Rest'. 'Tend to' will allow you to interact with the campfire letting you to add your newly acquired leaves and roots to create a fire that all players (except Irons) can benefit from. The more you add to the campfire, the better the benefits will be!

In order to gain these benefits, the 'Rest' option, will give you some much-needed relaxation after all of your hard chopping! Your player will sit down and pull out a nice cup o' tea to drink next to the Campfire and after a little while, you'll receive the benefits from the Campfire, meaning you can get straight back to the tree-chopping action!

Did we also mention as an added bonus to the Campfires, you can also add your logs to them? This will provide less Firemaking experience than you would when creating a line of 27 fires, but with the bonus of added convenience!

Poll Question #6:

Should we introduce Forester's Campfires? Lighting a fire and adding tree leaves will give a temporary bonus to all players who rest near the campfire, dependent on the leaf type.

But what if you don't want to share?

If you're a more refined scaper, you might opt to create your own brew with similar benefits from the Campfire. These new teas can be created by adding some leaves or roots to a (tea)cup of water, as long as you're standing next to a Campfire.

An interface similar to the Campfire will appear and you'll be able to create a scrumptious brew that is made by you, for you!

We've also added the option, much like Vial Smashing, to smash the cups once you are finished with them. As long as you've completed Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl miniquest and enabled automatic vial smashing, it will also apply to tea cups! And, don't worry about acquiring tea cups, as stealing and drinking copious amounts of brew won't be necessary. You'll be able to make 4 Tea Cups with a simple piece of Soft Clay, much like other pieces of pottery.

Remember, you can only have one set of effects active at any one time, so if you choose to drink a cup of tea with a different Tertiary effect, you will be warned beforehand!

Poll Question #7:

Should we introduce Tea-Brewing? By using the leaves from trees gained from Forestry, you can create your very own teas that give you personal in-game benefits.

Forestry Shop

The Freaky Forester's shop has all kinds of goods that will help you on your Forestry journey, so once you've got some currency and resources, you can upgrade your experience even more!

Currently, you will need noted logs in order to purchase some of the items inside the shop. We know this might be a bit trickier for those UIMs out there, so we'd like to ask if the Freaky Forester should be able to note logs to make this process a little bit smoother.

Poll Question #8:


Should we allow the Freaky Forester to note logs?

Alongside the Event Item pieces and the Forestry Kit, you can purchase a roster of other lovely goodies and you can explore the shop with the handy filters and item descriptions. So let's see what else the Freaky Forester's got!

Please note: part of the shop will be unavailable to Ultimate Iron Players for the Beta.

Log Basket

This handy lil' basket works much like the Fish Barrel - when open can store up to 28 logs of various types. You've got easy 'fill' and 'check' options to make sure you keep your inventory sorted at all times!

You can grab this handy upgrade for 5,000 Anima-infused bark, 25 Willow Logs (noted) & 25 Magic Logs (noted).

Log Brace

Don't want to take up additional space in your inventory with the Log Basket? Well, grab the log brace and combine them with the Forestry Kit and Log Basket to make a wearable version with the benefits of both items!

Brace yourself to spend 3,000 Anima-infused bark, 10 Maple Logs (noted) & 10 Yew Logs (noted). In order to make the all-in-one Forestry Kit you'll also need 75 Smithing & 75 Woodcutting along with 45 Nails, 2 Ropes and 3 Adamantite Bars!

Lumberjack Outfit

Is Temple Trekking too spooky for you? Well, fear not, as you can buy each of the Lumberjack Outfit from the Freaky Forester in order to gain a total of 2.5% more Woodcutting experience when wearing the whole set!

Here's what you'll need to acquire the set:

  • Lumberjack Hat: 1,200 Anima-Infused Bark, 16 Yew Logs (noted) & 4 Magic Logs (noted)
  • Lumberjack Top: 1,500 Anima-Infused Bark, 4 Yew Logs (noted), 8 Magic Logs (noted) & 8 Redwood Logs (noted)
  • Lumberjack Legs: 1,300 Anima-Infused Bark, 12 Yew Logs (noted) & 8 Magic Logs (noted)
  • Lumberjack Boots: 1,000 Anima-Infused Bark, 16 Yew Logs (noted) & 4 Maple Logs (noted)
  • Total: 5,000 Anima-Infused Bark, 48 x Yew Logs (noted), 20 x Magic Logs (noted), 4 x Maple Logs (noted) & 8 Redwood Logs (noted)

Forestry Outfit

What if the OG Lumberjack Outfit isn't your thing? Well, we've got a Forestry-Themed cosmetic override for it that will make you feel like one with the Forests of Gielinor!

Each piece costs 1,250 Anima-Infused Bark, the appropriate Lumberjack outfit piece, and 25 of the following logs (noted): Oak, Willow, Teak, Maple, Mahogany, Arctic Pine, Yew, Magic & Redwood.

Clothes Pouch

Want the Lumberjack Outfit's bonuses but want to really vibe in your best FashionScape? The Clothes pouch is just for you! Craft this handy item and place the Lumberjack Outfit inside to gain the benefits of the outfit whilst wearing your desired FashionScape!

Currently, other outfit bonuses will override your Clothes Pouch. This means if you're wearing a Graceful Top, your Lumberjack Top in the Clothes Pouch will be ignored.

You can grab this item for 10,000 Anima-Infused bark, 10 Willow Logs (noted) & 10 Maple Logs (noted). To then craft it you'll need 50 Crafting & 50 Woodcutting by using a piece of Thread and some Leather.

Funky-Shaped Log

The Beaver pet is finally getting some love! Feeding this tasty treat to the pet will unlock the Beaver's ability to change colour depending on the type of log you feed it. This is a one-time unlock and you'll be able to change the colour of the Beaver at any point!

This gnaw-ly item can be yours for 15,000 Anima-Infused Bark and 50 of the following logs (noted): Oak, Willow, Teak, Maple, Mahogany, Arctic Pine, Yew, Magic & Redwood.

Normally, you’d be able to buy the 2-Handed Axe from here, but sadly it won’t be making an appearance in this Beta. We have to save some goodies for the launch!

We can’t wait for you to get stuck into Forestry for the first time, and we look forward to hearing your feedback through all the usual channels.

That's a wrap on everything you can do in the Beta for Forestry! We'll be keeping a close eye on everything going on with the Beta and especially any feedback that concerns Leaves, Campfires & Teas!

We've got some lovely new channels in the official OSRS Discord where you can leave any potential bugs, leave feedback and have a chat with fellow scapers experiencing the Beta!

You can also discuss this update on our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, or the Steam forums. For more info on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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