Forestry: Part Two - Community Consultation

Forestry: Part Two - Community Consultation
Forestry: Part Two - Feedback

We promised an update on what's happening with Forestry: Part Two following your feedback so let's get straight into it!

Leaf Effect & Teas

Long story short, we're completely removing the leaf effects alongside the ability to craft them into Teas and adding them to Campfires.

We've seen across both parts of Community Consultation that Leaf Effects and everything that comes with them received the most amount of feedback and rightly so! A lot of that feedback highlighted the fact that these effects target areas of the game that are going to specifically change your approach towards that content.

That isn't to say that you don't want those kinds of changes, but they need to come from content that is relevant and concrete to the skill itself and not from something that feels detached like an expansion to Woodcutting. Aside from Herblore, which is already a massively established Skill with a lot of interwoven sections for multiple skills.

Think about your average player, that's beginning their journey and wants to train Thieving. To get some of the best benefits, they'll need to do the Ardounge Achievement Diary, earn themselves a Rogue's Outfit, and create some Gloves of Silence & Dodgy Necklaces. With the introduction of the Teas as stated in Forestry, that player would need to take part in Forestry to collect the necessary leaves for their teas or find a player willing to part ways with their newly created brews. To you, that doesn't feel right and that's completely fair!

We also saw how this added an unnecessary amount of complexity to a skill whose roots are very simple and easy to understand for all players; chop tree, get wood.

We saw some people wanting these to take the place of Spicy Stews, and whilst that appetite might be there, we want to come away from using this skill to massively affect any others.


Speaking of Campfires, the team did briefly discuss keeping Campfires in as they add to the Group & Social experience that comes from Forestry, with leaves offering specific effects for Woodcutting & Firemaking but that charts us into the Tertiary Effects territory, something that we've already removed due to your feedback.

However, there is one thing we will be keeping for the poll however and that's the 'bonfire' effects you can use for Firemaking. Because we're removing the interface that was used for brewing and fires, we're also able to remove the cap of logs that could be added, so you'll be able to add all of your logs (one at a time of course) into the bonfire with one click!

We'll be removing the actual amount of experience from the question so we can have room to balance this properly as don't want it to feel completely useless while not encroaching on any current methods (i.e. lighting fires & Wintertodt).

But, we are going to increase the value of experience from 1/4 to 1/3 which means it will roughly mean 50% less experience per hour.

You'll still be able to rest at the Campfires and whip out a cuppa' for some nice social chill time but this is just there for the nice aesthetics now leaf effects are being removed. You'll also be able to check the amount of time left on the Campfire with any logs being added increasing the time this will remain (to a limit of course).

2H Axes

Whilst we see a lot of discussion surrounding this new and experimental way of bringing a Skilling Item, we are going to leave it in its current form and allow you to give us your feedback from testing the Axe in-game. The team are willing to tweak and change both the mechanics of the Axe and how the Rations will work with them once the Beta goes live.

As for its look, we've seen a lot of players complain about how you hold these mighty axes when idle. So, we're going to update the idle animations to have you equip this Axe on your shoulder like the iconic weapon of the mighty Dharok!

Sawmill Vouchers

Players have asked us if these vouchers will work whilst using the Plank Making spell and inside their Player-Owned House. Whilst we think that it doesn't make sense to have them consumed with the Plank Making spell, the team are still discussing if these can be used inside your Player-Owned House as we want these objects to be a nice alternative you can use, rather than the Meta. This will also determine the cost of the object from the Forestry Shop, but we'll give you the full rundown before the Beta begins!


We saw some feedback surrounding the drop rates of the uniques from the events (Fox Whistle, Golden Pheasant Egg, etc) with you worried that these will be extremely hard to get. Whilst we can't give you the drop rates for them just yet, we want to ensure you that we know that getting a random item from a random event increases the odds of gaining one already, on top of needing the Beaver in the beginning to use it, so we are going to make sure that these items are at a suitable drop rate for everyone!

As for the events themselves, we did notice that some players felt some of these activities were a little outside the 'zone' of Woodcutting, especially when it comes to the Bee Hive event. So not only will you receive the usual Anima-Infused Bark, Experience and the potential for Bee Box parts during this event, but we're also including some token Construction experience for each Bee Hive you've helped build!

We know there's some concern around bloating by adding these events and we want to ensure that we're only adding events that resonate with you and tweaking those that aren't. The team isn't against removing an event if it really doesn't fit right after the Beta, but we at least want to wait for your hands-on experience before making any rash decisions, as we think this encourages more people to use all the items you can obtain for your Forestry Kit.

Smaller Changes

One smaller change we've seen from a sub-section of the community revolves around Arctic Pine Trees. We're going to hear that these players chose to limit themselves, but what we've seen specifically asked for is better access to Arctic Pine Trees. Currently, the only way to access them is through starting the Fremennik Isles quest, to travel over to Jatizso & Neitiznot.

So whilst we don't want to move those trees from their natural habitat, we do want to offer the chance for you to obtain those logs. We would like to add Arctic Pine Logs to Wintertodt as a rare drop, which is accessible to everyone but would mean not impacting the access to the Trees themselves.

Just like the Chaos Elemental drop table changes we're making from Poll 80, this will be an unpolled change.

That's a wrap on all the feedback changes so far! We'll be hosting our Discord Stages call at 3 pm BST today, which gives you a couple of hours to read the update once this is live. Feel free to ask any questions in the Reddit thread here or join the Discord now ready for the call!

Wood you like to hear more about Forestry? We promise not to use any more laboured puns.

Well, we promise to use better puns, anyway.

Well… we’ll try.

It’s Part Two of your Woodcutting expansion deep dive!

Timelines & Content

Before we disappear into the deep, dark woods of insight, here’s the current timeline for the discussion, testing and release of Forestry: Part Two.

  • Newspost Feedback & Changes: August 3rd
  • Discord Stages Call: August 3rd, 15:00 BST
  • Forestry: Part Two Poll: August 7th-14th
  • Forestry: Part Two Beta Newspost: Early September (TBC)
  • Forestry: Part Two Beta: Early September (TBC)

(For those of you who are understandably worried about a repeat of what happened with the first Forestry Beta - fear not! Forestry won't be the first thing to be tested with the new Beta Worlds).

Now you've got a timeline, here’s what we’ll be discussing today:

  • Tertiary/Leaf Effects & Teas
  • Campfires
  • New Events
  • New Rewards
  • Current Content Changes
  • Poll Questions

Tertiary Effects, Leaf Effects & Teas

Let's start off with one of the major points of feedback from Forestry Part One - Tertiary Effects. You may have noticed they’re not listed in the section above about the content we are going to discuss. Why?

Because they’re gone, basically. There’s not much to say! Tertiary Effects were moving us away from the original design intention and we didn’t feel it was what you wanted. Instead, we’re going to concentrate on giving you what you feel is actually necessary from this expansion.

As for Leaf Effects and Teas, we've also decided to remove them, as we saw with your feedback of Part Two, this adds an unnecessary amount of complexity to a skill whose roots are very simple and easy to understand for all players. If you want to read more about what they would of involved, click the box below!

REMOVED LEAF EFFECTS & TEAS - Click to show old text

Based on your feedback, we’re going to go ahead with an 'invisible' Gathering and Production boost from using leaves in Campfires and Tea.

To clarify what we mean by ‘invisible’, let's compare with Spicy Stews! These too-hot-to-handle stews give you a temporary bonus to your level. E.g., if you're lucky enough to get a +5 on the skill of your choice, you'll be able to create objects five whole levels above your own... for a brief period that is. Pretty straightforward buff.

Unlike Spicy Stews, however, the 'invisible' buffs from leaves will instead give you a higher success rate in Gathering and Production activities. So whether you're cutting a tree, trying to light a fire, picking someone's pocket or using nails to create the same piece of furniture over and over again, you'll be more likely to succeed in those actions.

At the moment, the very highest buff you'll receive from leaves will give you a 12% increase in your success rate in the appropriate skill! Very nice.

Because of the change in the Tertiary Effects, we've also decided to remove the 'power' option shown in previous blogs, and we won't be adding any more leaves. Each of the current leaves will provide its own level of Gathering, Production and Duration that you can use when creating Campfires and Teas.

  • Gathering: Boosts gathering success chance.
  • Production: Boosts production success chance.
  • Duration: Increases duration of the boost.

Each '+' on the table below for Gathering/Production represents 1 point, with 4 points totalling a +1% success chance. Whereas each '+' from Duration would equal 50 ticks (30 seconds).

Type Gathering Production Duration
Leaves (Normal) + + ++
Oak Leaves + +++
Willow Leaves + +++
Maple Leaves ++ ++ +
Yew Leaves + +++ +
Magic Leaves +++ + +

If you have any remaining points left over in Gathering/Production when brewing or setting them alight, you'll have a chance to round buff up, which is dependent on the amount of leaves not added to a solid buff.

It’s not just leaves that give benefits! Brewing perfectly crafted Teas and hanging out at Forester’s Campfires will also provide handy buffs.

Lighting a fire with any type of log and then adding a leaf (or another log) to the roaring flames will transform it into a special Forester's Campfire - the smoke will indicate it’s changed. The better the log, the longer the duration of the fire!

You'll then have two options, 'Tend to' and 'Rest'. 'Tend to' will allow you to interact with the campfire, letting you add Leaves to create a flame that all players (except Irons) can benefit from. Irons can benefit from any Leaves they add to the fire themselves, and GIM members get the benefit from Leaves added by any member of their group. The more you add to the campfire, the better the benefits will be!

To actually gain these benefits, select the 'Rest' option, which will also give you a chance to relax after all of that hard chopping. Sit down and pull out a nice cuppa to drink next to the campfire and after a little while, you'll receive the benefits (as long as you stay within a 15 tile radius). Then you can get straight back to the tree-chopping action!

But what if you don't want to share?

If you prefer the solo lifestyle, you might opt to create your own brew with similar benefits from the Campfire. These new teas can be created by adding some leaves to a (tea)cup of water, as long as you're standing next to a Campfire.

An interface similar to the Campfire will appear and you'll be able to create a scrumptious brew that is made by you, for you! The amount of leaves you can add to any one tea is based on your combined Heblore and Woodcutting level, with the maximum amount of leaves for any one tea set at 15.

Combined Level Number of Leaves Max Chance Increase
2 3 2.25
24 4 3
40 5 3.75
56 6 4.5
72 7 5.25
88 8 6
104 9 6.75
120 10 7.5
136 11 8.25
152 12 9
168 13 9.75
184 14 10.5
200 15 11.25

Teas aren't tradeable via the Grand Exchange but they can be traded between players, which means if you want to create your very own little Tea Shop, you can set up and sell your brews to those in need!

We've also added the option to destroy cups once you are finished with them. As long as you've completed Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl miniquest and enabled Automatic Vial Smashing, this will also apply to tea cups! And, don't worry about acquiring tea cups, as stealing and drinking copious amounts of brew won't be necessary. You'll be able to make four tea cups with a simple piece of Soft Clay, much like other pieces of pottery.

Remember, you can only have one set of effects active at any one time, so if you choose to drink a cup of tea with a different boost, it will override!

Ok, now onto the stuff that did make the (wood)cut!

Forester's Campfire

Get cosy by the fire as we're giving you a nice AFK method of Firemaking. For 1/3 of the normal experience, you'll be able to burn and add logs one at a time to the campfire. Overall, it will roughly mean 50% less experience per hour.

We don't want this new method to supersede any current Firemaking training methods - lighting normal fires or visiting the Wintertodt will remain far superior - but we thought this would be a handy little extra!

These Campfires will deplete over time, so in order to keep the benefits going, you'll need to keep the fire fueled and ready with logs and leaves!

Question 1:

Should we add Forester's Campfires? You'll be able to add logs to the fire for a reduced amount of Firemaking experience.


Alongside Part Two, we'll be adding some brand new events, each with their own rewards. You’ll want to try them all! There’s one free-to-play event, which won't require an item, and four new members events, plus a rework of the Leprechaun.


In Part One of the rework, players liked the utility of the Leprechaun event, but didn't like how other events couldn't spawn while it was active.

We had two options: make other events spawn around it, or rework the event to give you something else worthy of your efforts. We thought there was plenty more potential in option two, so here’s the plan.

You'll still be able to use the banking features of the event, and that won't change. However, we’ve added new rainbows that will spawn periodically around the Leprechaun. Running into these rainbows will grant you a buff that will not only give you some additional experience but will also give you the chance of getting Anima-Infused Bark from simply cutting the trees.

The more rainbows you interact with, the longer this buff will last, so make sure to indulge in the multicolour madness!

Friendly Ent

This is the only free-to-play event in our roster, does not require an item, and will have a chance to occur whenever you chop trees!

Six Entlings will spawn around you, complaining about the state of their current hairdos. Your job is to give them a trim that meets their barnet ambitions.

Will it be a classic trim, or could one of them pull off the always-groovy mullet? You'll have three options - to cut their back, sides and top. Each combination of the three will result in a different do for the baby trees!

Make the cut by clicking on any of the ents and interacting with the interface, or simply by right-clicking the tiny trees and choosing the cutting action you want!

You’ll get some experience and Anima-Infused Bark for every Ent satisfied with their trim, and you'll gain an experience drop and quantity of Anima-Infused Bark at the end based on time in the event (much like in the Struggling Sappling). You'll also get a random amount of leaves and a chance for Egg Nests!

Bee Hive

We're buzzing for this next event. To get started, you'll need to create a Smoke Canister (Smoke Fuel (NEW) + Leather + Steel Bar) when chopping trees.

The Beekeeper will spawn as a Beehive drops out of the tree. You’ll need to help re-home the bees by building temporary Bee Boxes for the Beekeeper to transport them! Using any type of log on the Bee Boxes, you'll build them up to become the bee-friendly equivalent of a POH.

Build as many bee-friendly homes as you can in the time limit. You'll get a little bit of experience per log added and get a big experience drop when a bee box is completed, as well as an Anima-Fused Bark drop and the chance to get a Bee Box part! These parts can be combined to create a Bee Box for your Player-Owned House, but if you already have one or don't want one, you're able to trade this to the Friendly Forester for a plentiful serving of Anima-Fused Bark.

Question 2:

Should we offer the chance to receive Bee Box parts from the Bee Hive event? You'll be able to create a Bee Box for your Player-Owned House with multiples of these, or you can sell them for Anima-Infused Bark.

Pheasant Control

In our initial round of feedback, the violent aspect of some of the events didn't sit right with you - we totally agree, and we've tweaked a couple of events for a more chill 'n' peaceful Forestry vibe. The first is Pheasant Control!

You'll need a Pheasant Spoon (Egg Cradle (NEW) + Limestone Brick) to spawn this event when chopping trees.

Nests will spawn around the tree, with all but one containing a Pheasant protecting their eggs. Your job is to locate the unprotected nest and remove the eggs, then take them to the Freaky Forester, who has also cropped up. Pheasants will switch nests periodically to guard their eggs so you'll need to keep on top of which nest you're interacting with!

You'll only be able to carry one Egg at a time via your Pheasant Spoon. If you try to take an egg from a guarded nest or are next to a nest when the Pheasant flies in, you'll be stunned briefly.

You'll gain an Experience drop and Anima-Infused Bark for each egg handed over. At the end of the event, you'll have the chance to earn Pheasant Feathers, which can be traded in at the Varrock Fancy Clothes Store for a grand Pheasant Outfit - Or, like the Bee Box Parts, you can trade these in for a load of Anima-Infused Bark!

We also heard your comments about getting a Pheasant and Fox pet. While we think three pets from one Skill is probably too much, we'd like to give you some more transmog options for your Beaver! On completing the event you'll have a chance to get a Golden Pheasant Egg, which can be used on the Beaver to change the wood-loving critter into a Freaky Pheasant!

Question 3:

Should we offer the chance to receive Pheasant Feathers from the Pheasant event? You'll be able to trade these in for pieces of the Pheasant Outfit, or sell them for Anima-Infused Bark.

Question 4:

Should we offer the chance to receive a Golden Pheasent Egg from the Pheasant event? You'll be able to use this on your Beaver Pet and unlock the option to transmog it into a Pheasant, or you can sell it for Anima-Infused Bark.


Speaking of transmogs, you'll be able to get a Fox Whistle from this event which unlocks the ability to transmog the Beaver pet into a cute little fox! To get that chance, you'll need to create a Trap Disarming Kit (Disarming Kit Blueprint (NEW) + Bronze Wire + Iron Bar) which can spawn this event once a tree is chopped.

A Fox will appear and start to wander around the trees. Unfortunately, poachers will also appear - placing traps down to injure the Fox! Your task is to disarm them. Once the first player clicks on a trap, other players will have a short period to also interact with the trap in order to contribute: the trap will be disarmed after the first player completes their disarm.

Not quick enough? If a Fox walks into a trap, they will lose some HP. When they lose all of their Hitpoints, they will limp off to lick their wounds, so make sure to disarm all the traps and save the Fox. You’ll gain some experience and Anima-Infused Bark for each trap you've helped disarm, and a big final drop of experience and Bark depending on your contribution!

Question 5:

Should we offer the chance to receive a Fox Whistle from the Poachers event? You'll be able to use this on your Beaver Pet and unlock the option to transmog it into a Fox, or you can sell it for Anima-Infused Bark.

Enchantment Ritual

Our final event calls for you to aid a Dryad in completing a ritual that will keep the Forests of Gielinor safe - and the trees constantly respawning! You'll need to create a Petal Garland (Crystal Charm (NEW) + Flowers + Ball of Wool) to spawn this event once a tree is chopped.

A number of ritual spots of all different colours and shapes will spawn around the tree you've chopped. Stand on the ritual spot that corresponds with the necessary shape or colour the Dryad needs. There could be multiple spots at once, so keep ‘em peeled.

(Note: We're currently discussing whether the Dryad should tell you what she needs, or whether it should be down to you to work out which ones you need. We’re going to continue to bear in mind visibility issues as we figure this bit out).

You'll have a completion bar that will need to be filled to complete the event, and you'll receive a big drop of experience and Anima-Infused Bark based on your contribution once the ritual is complete.

After the event, you'll have a chance to receive a wearable version of the Petal Garland, which once again you can keep, or sell for a good amount of Bark! Remember, you'll need to have the item on you to get the best rewards and qualify for these extra goodies!

Question 6:

Should we offer the chance to receive a wearable Petal Garland from the Enchantment Ritual event? You'll be able to use equip this, or you can sell it for Anima-Infused Bark.


Well, that's it for the new events, now the brand-new rewards you can get from the Friendly Forester's Shop!

2H Axes

The stances of these will be changed to be held like Dharok's Axe

These two-handed beasts will act as an upgrade to the following axes: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Black, Mithril, Adamant, Rune, Dragon, Crystal and 3rd Age. You'll need the same Woodcutting levels to use them.

You can make the two-hander by purchasing the exclusive Axe Handle from the Forestry Shop and combining the handle with your current axe. This process is irreversible. Both the Axe Handle and 2-Handed Axes will be tradeable on the Grand Exchange.

The 2H Axe will chop at the same speed as your regular one, but allow you to gain extra experience in exchange for getting fewer logs. This benefit uses your run energy at the cost of 40 points per 'successful' chop, and you'll receive 20% more experience for each 'successful' hit of the tree, with a 20% chance not to gain a log.

Normally, you'd only get two proper swings in - is it worth it? Well, that's where our old friend the Forester's Ration comes in! These treats will guarantee you restore 20 points of energy per swing when using a 2H Axe, which means if you've got a bunch of Rations in your Forestry Kit, here's what you'll get:

Chop Effect Active Energy: Pre-Chop Energy: Post-Chop Energy: Ration Consumed
1 Yes 100 60 80
2 Yes 80 40 60
3 Yes 60 20 40
4 Yes 40 0 20
5 No 20 20 40

You will continue to chop between 4 and 5 until your inventory is full, you have no more rations, or you stop chopping to restore your run energy.

While various other energy restore effects will work, we want to highlight that the reduced energy drain effect from Stamina Potions will not.

Sawmill Voucher

This handy-dandy little ticket is stackable, tradeable and sellable at the Grand Exchange, and will help you out massively when creating those trusty planks! Take them along for your next Sawmill visit, and each voucher will give you two planks for every log used. More planks for fewer resources!

Vouchers will only be consumed if you have the space for the planks, so there's no chance of accidentally spending loads of vouchers and leaving tons of planks on the floor. Phew.

Question 7:

Should we offer Sawmill Vouchers in the Forestry Shop? You'll be able to use them at the Sawmill and they'll give you two planks for every log you convert.

Twitcher's Gloves

These were previously called Arborist Gloves - and we've made some slight changes.

For those of you that don't know, a Twitcher is a term for Birdwatchers (since pre-streaming times!) You'll be able to purchase this bird-nerd handwarmers fully charged from the shop and buy subsequent charges from the Friendly Forester too! But what do they do?

Well, you can choose to receive an increased chance (by 10%) to receive one type of birds nest:

  • Ring Nest
  • Egg Nest
  • Seed Nest
  • Clue Nest

Every time you roll a chance for a nest with these gloves on, a charge will be consumed and the 10% effect will apply! We're going to make sure the charges for these gloves are very affordable so you're never short on that next nest drop!

These will only work with Woodcutting, so for those of you wanting to get Clues from these, you'll have to stick to chopping - sorry!

Question 8:

Should we offer Twitcher's Gloves in the Forestry Shop? You'll be able to equip them with an increased chance to receive specific bird nests from Woodcutting.

Current Content Changes

While we're here, we thought we'd address some other feedback points from the Woodcutting expansion.

First off, we hear you 99 Woodcutters out there, wanting to get the effect of the Woodcutting Cape and wear your Forestry Kit at the same time! We're adding an item to the Shop that will let you receive the benefits of the Woodcutting Cape without needing to add one to your kit. This will be a one-time unlock for 99,999 coins and apply to you anytime you have the Foresty Kit. This can only be purchased if you have 99 Woodcutting!

Secondly, we know the Log Basket can be a little bit frustrating to use, so we're going to make it work more like a Plank Sack.

Third, we've heard your concerns from UIMs and taking away the option to easily retrieve your Foresty Items. We're going to allow the Forestry Kit to be stored in the Player-Owned House, meaning everyone can keep all of their collected and created materials from Forestry, whether you have a Bank or not.

As always, we will continue to keep an eye on your feedback about the full range of Forestry features!

So, what do you think about the newest additions to Forestry? We'd love to hear all of your thoughts about the new rewards, events and features. And don't forget, today (Thursday, August 3rd) at 15:00 BST, we'll be holding a Discord Stages Call with Mods Dylan, Sarnie and Squid. Tune in to hear all about the changes we're making!

You can also discuss this update on our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For more info on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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