Forum Q&A - Mod Mark, Mod Edam and Mod Stevew

This Friday, we'll be running our next Forum Q&A session, to answer the burning questions on everyone's lips about the TzHaar update, the Early Bird Bonus and the changes to Effigies, as well as any RuneScape Community questions. In attendance will be:

Mod Mark: The one and only Mod Mark is the lead designer of RuneScape, and can answer any questions about RuneScape Content or the direction of RuneScape development.

Mod Edam: As the developer of the The Elder Kiln and The Fight Kiln, Mod Edam is responsible not only for the awesome TzHaar update released this week, but also for the development of future TzHaar content. If you’ve any questions about the new quest and minigame, or want to prod him for clues as to what's next for this unique RuneScape race, this is your chance!

Mod Stevew: Our very own Mod Stevew will be on hand to answer any community questions you might have. Whether it's about events, social networks, fansites, competitions, or anything else community related, Mod Stevew's the one to ask.

Presided over by Mod Jane, these three will answer your questions from 8pm – 11pm (GMT/forum time) on Friday the 17th of February 2012.

For further details of the session, see this thread.

See you there!

RuneScape Community Team

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