Free player forum access

Today, we have opened up the forums for high level free players to be able to post!

All free players who have earned over 12.5 million XP (that roughly equates to someone having all F2P skills on level 72) are now able to post. Exciting times!

There could be around 250,000 new forum users to add to the current active forum users, and over the coming weeks and months, we will gradually enable more high level free players to have access.

If you’re a member currently, and already have access to post on the forums, we’d appreciate it if you could give our new forum guests a warm welcome.

If you’re new to the forums, have a read of the Forum Code of Conduct and please check the Forum Specific Rules on the forums you want to post on. There’s also a welcome thread in the Recent Updates forum – check it out.


Mod Kelvin
Community Manager, Player Support