Fresh 'Old' Fashion

Fresh 'Old' Fashion

Are you bored of your basic clothes? Do you wish that you had a wider variety of hairstyles and clothing to choose from? Well with today’s update your fashion crisis problems will be solved and a whole lot more! Just in time for the Spring season too!

Both the Falador hairdresser and Thessalia’s Makeover shop in Varrock have added a wider selection of clothing and hairstyles for your character to choose from. Read on for a full list of all of these awesome additions. Both Thessalia and the Falador hairdresser have a sale on for this week only where they will not charge you for their services.

New hairstyles have been added to the Falador hairdresser and the account creation menu:

  • 7 new male hairstyles
  • 7 new male facial hairstyles
  • 12 new female hairstyles

New clothes have been added to Thessalia in the Varrock Clothes Shop and the account creation menu:

  • 6 new male torsos
  • 6 new male arms
  • 6 new male legs
  • 6 new female torsos
  • 6 new female arms
  • 7 new female legs

Wilderness balancing changes

As mentioned in the recent developer blog we've made a few small changes to some Wilderness features.

  • The level 129 rogues in the Rogues’ Castle have been prevented from being lured into the castle and around the back of the castle.
  • The drop tables for Callisto, Vet’ion and Vemenatis have been buffed to offer a better return.
  • Some more chinchompas will now spawn at the hunting ground in the Wilderness.
  • Some scenery has been placed to keep the chinchompas closer together which will make using 6 traps more worthwhile.
  • Dark fishing bait has been added to the level 18 Zombies in the Wilderness. Dark fishing bait is also now a more common drop from those monsters that currently drop it.
  • Respawn rates in the Resource area have been increased.
  • The drop rates of the Ecumenical key are now more consistent.
  • The drop table of the lava dragons has received a buff.

In other news...

We've fixed an array of bugs this week too!

  • Run energy now restores at the correct rate when charging orbs at an obelisk.
  • The Wilderness level display has been returned to its previous position on PvP worlds.
  • The Dragonfire shield special attack now executes correctly when wielding a Trident of the seas.
  • Manta Ray have been returned to the Fishing & Cooking skill guides.
  • A stray Holiday minimap icon has been removed from Seers’ village.
  • The Trident of the seas no longer stretches with Guthan’s chainskirt on female characters.
  • The enchant bolts interface now shows diamond bolts in the correct place.
  • Rune counts within the enchant bolts interface now correctly stop counting if you have enough for the spell.
  • Magic boxes now correctly trap imps within GWD.
  • Immediately boarding the lander after winning a game of Pest Control will no longer display an incorrect prompt.
  • The Wilderness statistics board in Edgeville now has a scroll bar to accommodate more players statistics.

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Mods Ash, John C, Mat K and Reach
The Old School Team