From the Postbag with Love

Postie Pete has been slumbering in a glass coffin, supposedly waiting for true love’s first kiss. Turns out he’d actually just eaten a rancid piece of Hallowe’en candy and passed out, so he was a bit embarrassed when he woke up.

He’s now busy working on a Postbag for February, the month of romance; why not take this opportunity to state your feelings to your favourite RuneScape character? Tell them how much you admire them, write them a love poem or just embarrass them with a sonnet! The characters will reply to the best letters and their responses will appear in next month's edition of the Postbag from the Hedge.

Here’s an example of a very famous love poem from an unlikely bard, Rantz, to his beloved chompy:

Squashed hoomans is red, Chinchompas is brown, Belly go rumbly, When smell you around.

You look so tasty, When boiling in brine, Can Rantz please ask you, To be Valentine?

Inspired? Wait no longer and start your poem or letter right now. Don’t forget to send it to our Postbag – Make sure you include your player name so that we'll know who it's from!

We’ve got our hearts set on hearing from you,

Mod Turtle
Community Management

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