Fur 'n' Seek

Fur 'n' Seek

The Odd Old Man is again in need of a hand, but this time it’s not all going to be about bones. Apparently, he has new needs that will require adventurers to seek the hides, pelts and skins of creatures commonly found in the Fremennik Province.

Players will be able to allow the Odd Old Man to take his plan fur-ther. More experienced players will then be able to help him the rest of the way, getting extra rewards and uncovering the truth behind one of RuneScape’s most guarded secrets – just what is in that mumbling bonesack?

Mod Maylea
RuneScape Content Developer


Where to start Fur 'n' Seek:
Speak to the Odd Old Man near his shack between Varrock and Paterdomus.

Requirements to complete Fur 'n' Seek:
25 Slayer
An advised combat level of 50
Must have completed Rag and Bone Man (the quest, not the wish list)

In other news...

For those of you who might have missed it last week, we reintroduced some features to the Grand Exchange section of the website, including a 30-day average line to the graphs.

Berserker ring can now be imbued by Mobilising Armies officers, just like the other Fremennik rings.