A Very Barrows New Year!

While we’re looking bleary eyed and shaggy after New Year, we can honestly say that the reworked Barrows and Barrows Brothers are faring much better! Head to southern Morytania, as the Barrows Brothers are waiting and they look nothing short of dazzling.

The first change you’ll notice is to the surface environment. Creeping mist encircles your feet, and the mounds genuinely look like a resting place for the damned, rather than a series of grassy hillocks. Next, take a deep breath and delve below the surface, where you’ll be thoroughly unsettled by the dank and imposing crypts.

Are you brave enough to take the fatal step to wake a Barrows Brother? Pluck up the courage, and you’ll come face-to-face with metallic black and grey armour for these iconic enemies. While you might have had a soft spot for the pink and purple look, we think that their new get-up makes them more fearsome and better represents the gear they offer. What’s more, if you’ve claimed any of the Brothers’ armour or weapons for your own, the new look will be reflected in the worn gear as well.

To celebrate all of these improvements, we’ve given you a 1 in 10 chance of getting double drops on any runes, bolt racks and Barrows items you might receive. That also extends to a new draconic visage drop. These bonuses will only stay in game until the 11th of January, so get looting!

Have a Very Barrows New Year!

Mod Tim
RuneScape Content Developer

In Other News...

Clans achieving Tier 7 for their citadels from this point forward will unlock a new trophy vexillum – a visual upgrade to the standard clan vexillum that, once unlocked, can be activated by an administrator speaking to the Clan Quartermaster. Once you’ve achieved this, a clan administrator can switch the vexillum style back and forth by speaking to the Quartermaster again. This will be available to unlock as soon as you hit Tier 7, so now’s the time to make that final push to the top!

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