Get a Free Cat with the Purrfect Christmas Card!

Downloadable RuneScape Christmas cards have become something of a festive tradition. This year’s card comes from one of RuneScape’s most famous characters and is the purrfect way to celebrate this chilly time of year.

Bob the Cat can be hard to find in RuneScape but give someone this year’s card and they’ll not only be guaranteed to have him in their own home, they’ll also be able to sit him on a shelf or hang him from their Christmas tree! Lucky recipients only need cut him out and follow the simple origami instructions to bring Bob to life.

As if that weren’t enough, send us a photo of your Bob the Cat and, if you’re lucky, Santa Claws might visit you with £30 credit from the Jagex Store.

Download Bob’s card in the downloads section of the website and for origami help, competition details and terrible festive cat puns, check out the forum thread.

Mod Paul M

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