Get Six Months of Membership for the Price of Four and an Exclusive Ice Mask!

As winter begins to take hold, we present a ray of sunshine guaranteed to warm the coldest of cockles during these chilly months. Credit card and Paypal customers have the chance to buy 6 months of membership for the price of four (based upon the standard monthly price of these payment methods) before the 4th of January.

Not only that, but everyone who takes advantage of this awesome deal will also receive a fully reversible ice mask. Choose whether to display a frosty glare of anger, or to turn that frown upside-down by reversing the mask to its happy version!

To get six months for the price of four and get your hands on the reversible ice mask, click here and then click the "upgrade" button.

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How does this affect my existing subscription?

This is a one off payment and does not affect recurring subscriptions you may have set up already in place, it will simply delay the next payment by 6 months in this example.

How has the 33% discount been calculated?

The discount is based on the standard price, however with a bit of maths I think you'll find that 33% off is even cheaper than the loyal price in all territories.

Can I still access the loyal prices at the end of the 6 months?

At the end of the period, you'll still have access to loyal prices if you do currently as your membership won't have lapsed.

Why is it that people who have a 1-month recurring membership are never taken into consideration with these discounts? At the very least, I feel like we should get the item being given away... I mean you should reward your loyal customers too :/"

Anyone can take advantage of this offer, and does not interfere with any existing recurring subscriptions.

"Welcome to yet another ploy to get those on the lower rate of recurring membership to make any change to their payments so Jagex can bump them up to the new rate and hold them there afterwards"

It doesn't matter if you change the way you subscribe, as long as you don't lapse for 14 days you'll be able to access the loyal prices. You'll still be able to pay ú3.20 or $5 or whatever your local currency loyal price was.

Will the loyalty points be counted accordingly for each month and not throw at me all at once?

The loyalty points will be dished out each month rather than up front, just as they have been since the beginning.

Haven't you thought that others prefer using different methods or simply don't have these payment solutions :S ?

We do look at different payment methods to bring you great offers. This is the first PayPal one, we've done game cards and credit cards, and I wouldn't rule out SMS or PayByCash etc...

Will the 6 months discounted price be based on my $5.00 per month sub locked in since before rise or on the higher rate?

>>The 6 month "normal price" would be $35.70, the discount is 33%, so ends up being $23.80... 6 months at the loyal price for reference would be $30 so it's a saving no matter if you have access to loyal prices or not. (maths done on the fly apologies if I'm a few cents out but the discount is multiple dollars...)

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