New Members' Pricing

Last year saw a number of great content updates and improvements to the game, and this was just the beginning. We have some ambitious plans for 2012, as we continue to invest more than ever before in RuneScape to add even more exciting updates and improvements to the game.

From the 1st of February 2012, we will be increasing the RuneScape membership prices for new members. The new 1 month membership price will be $7.95 in the US, £4.95 in the UK and €6.95 in the euro zone.

In appreciation of our existing members, there will be no change whatsoever to anyone who is a member before the 1st February. The price you pay now will be locked in for as long as you stay a loyal member and we will even allow a seven day grace period should you forget to renew.

If you’re a free player who was thinking about becoming a member, now is the perfect opportunity. Not only will you be able to experience all the benefits RuneScape membership offers, but you will also be able to secure the current price of $5.95/£3.50/€5.95! Simply sign up for membership before Wednesday 1st February*.

We’re also going to be making some tweaks to some payment options in order to simplify choosing a payment option. To find out more, or if you have any questions, head over to the FAQ here.

Don’t forget to lock your subscription in before the 1st to guarantee access to the current prices!


Daniel Clough
Vice President of RuneScape

*These prices are for one month credit card membership and will vary by territory and payment method

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