RuneScape Voice-Acting Competition

In 2012 and beyond, we’ll be continuing to add voice-acting to much of our new RuneScape content, bringing a fresh dimension of character and immersion to the RuneScape story. Today, we’re offering two of you the chance to make your mark on Gielinor by adding your voices to RuneScape!

The talented two (one male, one female) chosen as our winners will hear their voices in a piece of content. They will also share the honour of being the first members of the RuneScape community ever to feature in the official credits on our website!

You won’t need loads of fancy equipment – anyone with a computer and a compatible microphone can enter. All you have to do is record yourself reading the scripted lines and send them in to before February 19th 2012.

You can find full details on how to enter, which characters you’ll be voicing, the lines of script and Mod Ian’s top recording tips on the dedicated thread.

If you’ve not tried recording your voice before, check out our resident audio guru’s top tips video by clicking the image below:

Good luck!

Mod Kathy

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