The Firemaker's Curse

An adventurer is most at home when confronted with an unexplored dungeon. So, this week, we present one that is dark, mysterious, loaded with rewards and offering a surprise at every turn. Would an adventurer expect any less? But, in this sulphurous, highly flammable cave network, something more hazardous stirs. A mysterious entity lies in wait; urging you forward; hungry for revenge and fire. A foe such as this canít be faced in a straight-up fight, so itís only with ingenuity, guile and a heart of flame that youíll come away unburned.

Youíre not alone, though. Seven firemakers have heard that hidden knowledge Ė arcane secrets of firemaking Ė lie in the cave system, and they wish you to lead the way through the dimly lit depths. As their leader, your choices will determine whether they live or die. So, will you leave the caverns with a full complement of firemakers, or will you let death thin their ranks?

Bring light to the dungeon complex and you will reveal some of firemakingís oldest and most illuminating secrets. Successful adventurers will gain XP; will be able to participate in two new circus events; and will have access to a new firemaking training method. There are also four new blazing pets to call your own.


Where to start The Firemakerís Curse:

Talk to Phoenix, south of Eaglesí Peak and west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Requirements to start The Firemakerís Curse:

  • This is a members' quest
  • Level 74 Firemaking
  • Level 76 Constitution
  • Level 64 Agility
  • The new training method, and pets, are available at 91 Firemaking.

Mod Ana

In other news:

The Firemakerís Curse is a choice-based quest, and your choices determine who lives or dies. While there is a path through the quest where (almost) nobody dies, any incorrect choices will not adversely affect your game experience or reward. With this in mind, we would recommend that you do not use a walkthrough.

This week's quest features Sera - the character voted for by you in our recent guaranteed content poll!

If you haven't already, be sure to take a look at our latest Lores & Histories story: Twice Burnt, to read up on the back-story of today's quest.

Leaving a Flash Powder Factory game more than two minutes early will now incur a penalty of up to 50%. Running out of catalyst powder will no longer end a game; just prevent the player from making flash powder. Finally, being trapped in a corridor for too long will no longer end the game; just teleport the player to a random corner of the arena.

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