Game Engine Update

This week we've made another internal upgrade to the RuneScape game engine, which makes it possible for us to do more complex/varied updates in the future.

This time around the interface system has had another overhaul, with a large chunk of the system completely replaced with a more powerful version. We've then had to adjust and retest all the old interfaces to make sure they still work under the new system (a big job!).

One immediate improvement you'll notice with this update is some new 'hot keys'. Now, you can use F1 - F12 to open up most of your interfaces, and the 'escape' key will open your inventory. Once you get used to these, we're sure you'll find that it makes doing things much, much quicker.

The keys work like this:

Esc - Inventory
F1 - Combat options
F2 - Your statistics
F3 - Quest Journal
F4 - Equipped interface
F5 - Prayer
F6 - Spellbook
F8 - Friends list
F9 - Ignore list
F10 - Options interface
F11 - Emotes
F12 - Music Player

Most of the other changes that have been made aren't generally things that you'll notice immediately, but there's a surprisingly large amount of work involved in any engine upgrade. Admittedly, it's not the most exciting update in the short term, but it's definitely worth it in the long run!

All this frantic behind the scenes activity finally means we can now get started on some (much requested) updates to some of our main interfaces - updates which weren't previously possible, but now are! In the meantime, though, we've taken the opportunity to fix a few more bugs...

In other news...

The uncharged version of the new dragonfire shield has now been given a +7 strength bonus to match the charged version.

We've fixed the bug with POH costume rooms that was letting players store wizard boots in oak treasure chests even though they couldn't be taken out again. The boots are meant to be stored only in teak or mahogany treasure chests.

Over time, if your stats have been reduced or raised, most of them restore slowly back towards their default levels. However, if you opened an interface such as one of the skill guides or a shop, your stats used to stop restoring until you closed it again. We've now fixed it so that your stats will restore normally even if you have an interface open.

Finally, the pet rock from Fremennik Trials now has to be wielded in both hands, as if it were a two-handed sword. Some of its animations weren't looking very good if you wielded the rock and a shield at the same time.

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