Game Status Information Centre

Game Status Information Centre
Current Status: ONLINE

Upcoming & Ongoing Maintenance

Date and Time Potential Impact Approximate Downtime Current Status
Tuesday 23rd April 2024 - 9am BST All game worlds will be taken offline as we carry out essential maintenance. During this time, game worlds will not be accessible. 3 hours UPCOMING

In this post you'll be able to find live game status updates and other key information regarding Old School RuneScape.

This page will be used to share information on:
  • Planned downtime
  • Routine maintenance
  • Live game issues

Going forward, our weekly update scheduled is going to include a save game backup to ensure we have the most up to date player data. Here's what you can expect with each week's game update:

  • 10:45 BST: 45-minute Shutdown Timer begins
  • 11:30 BST: Game goes offline
  • 12:00 BST: The Game is back online

The Old School Team.