Game update: Bugfixing

Game update: Bugfixing

This week's update consists mostly of bugfixes:

  • The in-game skillguide for Farming now shows the requirements for planting two and three spirit trees simultaneously. The messages you get on levelling up that skill have been updated too.
  • The game engine no longer prioritises players' actions based on the IP address from which they are logged in.
    When two players perform an action simultaneously, the game has to decide which to process first. Previously it was doing this in a predictable order, taking into account the players' IP addresses, which meant that people could get an unfair advantage in competitive gameplay. A version of this fix was applied to RuneScape some time after the archive date from which OSRS was taken.
  • Thessalia's makeover service has been fixed to offer the full range of colours and clothing styles.

Apart from that, we've installed the finale of the Goblin Raids series: a showdown with King Snagwort himself. That'll be running throughout the weekend, starting on Friday. More details to follow...

Tomorrow we aim to release a blog containing the questions for Content Poll 9, offering you extra bank space and the God Wars Dungeon, among other things. The GWD had quite a few things tweaked in the weeks and months after its original launch, such as the one-way doors for the boss rooms, so we would like to clarify what you'll be getting if you vote Yes to bring the dungeon back.

We'll be leaving the blog up for the weekend so that there's time for people to let us know if any of the questions are unclear, and then we'll open the poll for voting early next week.

Then, later in that week, assuming nothing unexpected crops up, we'll release Nightmare Zone.

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