Game Update: Mining & Smithing Changes

Game Update: Mining & Smithing Changes
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We kick off February with a clank and a hiss this week as we introduce a round of changes to Mining and Smithing. Forge on for the nitty-gritty details…

Mining & Smithing Changes

You might have heard about something called the Mining and Smithing Rework that we introduced this time last year. That went down really well, but there were still a few lingering issues that we've been able to address this month. We’re hoping that these changes will make the skills more fun and rewarding for everyone.


Mining is now much more reliant on Stamina. Currently, you deal 80% 'damage' to the rock you're mining, even when your Stamina is at zero. After the update, this value will be changed to 20%. You can still restore Stamina by starting to mine the rock again, or by consuming a stone spirit while under the effects of a Perfect Juju Mining Potion. Basically, this means that stone spirits are more useful, and valuable, than they were before.

Rocks that don’t reduce Stamina, like red sandstone and Arc crablets, are unaffected by this update. In addition, Seren stones have had their ‘HP’ increased to 2,000, so they will now take more time to mine. The good news is, mining them will no longer consume Stamina.

To keep track of your Stamina, try enabling the Stamina Bar in the 'Mining' section of the Gameplay Settings menu.


Back at the forge, we’ve also made some improvements to the way smithable items disassemble into components for Invention. From now on, each bar used to smith an item will be worth four Invention parts or components when you break it down. For example, a 2-handed sword with no upgrades, which costs four bars to create, will give 16 parts or components.

In addition, elder rune equipment now has a higher chance of breaking down into components instead of parts.

Since this update will massively increase the availability of parts and components, the Breakdown perk’s activation chance has been adjusted down to a flat 0.8% per rank to compensate.

These changes to Mining and Smithing will go live on February 3rd.

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Double XP Weekend: Extended

Don’t forget! Double XP Weekend: Extended will be back on February 21st. This time it’s been extended even further, with a whopping 48 hours of Double XP time spread out over 10 days. That means you’ll have ample time to train your skills, walk the dog, learn the cha-cha, and even have a nap. The height of luxury!

For more information, check out the Double XP Weekend: Extended post.

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Patch Notes

It’s a quiet one in the Patch Notes corner this week, with fixes to killcount requirements in the Nex boss area, 2D cutscenes on Mobile, and a particular boulder puzzle. Click here to see the full list!

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Twitch Prime Last Chance

Calling all Twitch Prime members, it’s now your last chance to get your free loot!

You’ve got until February 4th to claim your FREE Umbral Pack – which includes the Umbral Bow, Umbral Staff, and Umbral Cloak, along with every other item from the Umbral Set you haven’t yet claimed.

No time to waste, just follow the instructions at the bottom of this page to learn how to claim your loot. Make sure you follow each step of the process, even if you claimed a previous reward.

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Live Streams

Saturday, February 8th – 18:00 UTC (Game Time) – Kibbium Featured Stream

This week, our featured streamer is Kibbium! Join him for PvM runs against Nex AoD, Telos, Solak, Magister & more to get a hold of T92 weapons on his Ironman – LootScape included.

You can now receive in-game loot when you watch a RuneScape streamer. It works exactly the same way as our official streams, just watch Kibbium’s stream on (his Twitch channel) and you’ll receive the LootScape the following day.

LootScape will be enabled (see all details above).

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Pink Skirts Events

Pink Skirts is a dedicated P-Mod-led community, and it invites you to a range of daily activities such as PvM masses, Q&As, and other thrilling or chillin' events! Check out all the community events organized by the Pink Skirts on the in-game calendar or on their official schedule here.

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