Get your Flaming Skull!

Those of you redeeming a 90 or 100 day game card between the 22nd of June and the 15th of July (inclusive) will receive a flaming skull. When equipped in the head slot, this blazingly amazing cosmetic item will replace your character’s head with a fully animated and furiously flaming skull – it even comes in four colours, which can be easily changed at any time with a right click.

Cards purchased and used within the countries listed below - and from the specified, participating retailers – are eligible:

  • United States: Gamestop
  • Canada: EB Games
  • UK: GAME
  • Australia and New Zealand: EB Games
  • Republic of Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland: Gamestop

The offer doesn’t apply to cards bought online, so you’ll need to go in-store to get one. For details of where to find these retailers, pay a visit to our store locator page.

Remember: this macabre marvel is only available for three weeks, so be sure to grab one now – it’s also a great way to top up your membership for the summer months!

For further information on how to get your flaming skull, be sure to check out our FAQ.

The RuneScape Team

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