Gnome Cuisine

Gnome Cuisine is well known all over RuneScape for its unusual ingredients and unique flavours. Toad Battas G™ and Worm Crunchies G™ are two of the more popular dishes that most humans turn their noses up at, but for travel-worn gnomes a long way from the Grand Tree, gnomish foods are a sweet taste of home. For too long has the art of gnomish cooking been neglected!

Visitors to the Gnome Stronghold will find a refurbished restaurant area, with new improved recipes (including improved XP and a more streamlined cooking process) for all the gnome foods and cocktails.

Aluft Gianne's entrepreneurial son Aluft jnr. has also set up a new Gnome food delivery business right next to his dad's restaurant. Once trained you will be asked to make and deliver gnome foods to gnomes all over the world. But don't take too long, time is of the essence! After a more challenging delivery, you may find your customers are so pleased that they will give you an extra special tip - maybe some new gnomish explorer's equipment, or standard issue gnome pilot's clothing.

Particularly hard-working cooks and delivery adventurers will also find they are able to call on the delivery service themselves, for even the hardiest of warriors needs a good old helping of gnome cooking from time to time.

(Some lower lvl cooks will find many of the requirements for cooking gnomic cuisine have been raised to support the new amounts of experience points gained.)

There's no place like gnome.

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