In a quiet field east of Draynor Manor, two enterprising gnomes have founded Gnomecopter Tours, featuring the latest development in gnomic flight technology. They're open for business now, offering free-players (and curious members) the chance to take a look at distant lands, including the beautiful elf village of Lletya, the frantic battlefield of Pest Control and the Trollweiss and Rellekka Hunter area.


Where to start using gnomecopters:

The gnomecopters depart from the field north of Lumbridge windmill.


None - this update is available to members and F2P!

Access to:

An aerial tour of some of the best members-only content.

In other news...

Abyssal bracelets have been changed to 'Forinthry bracelets'. These still protect you, as before, but will now allow you to escape when teleblocked by the Wilderness revenant ghosts. The bracelet's charges essentially counter a Teleblock spell that has been cast on you.