God Emissaries

God Emissaries (free players and members)

It's official. The Edicts of Guthix are no more, and the gods are on their way back to Gielinor! God Emissaries are spreading the word throughout the RuneScape world, and are seeking faithful followers for their gods. They've got some great rewards for those who pledge their support - the only thing to decide is which cause to join!

God Emissaries

There are eight factions in all, each with an NPC to give you a run-down of their godís philosophies and goals. They can be found at various locations in the free area:

  • Seren: The elven kingdom's envoy - Endwyr - can be found south of Port Sarim.
  • The Godless: This new faction believe that that the gods have no place on Gielinor. Holstein represents them, and can be found at the north end of Port Sarim.
  • Saradomin: Speak to Julienne in Falador Park to hear more about the god of order.
  • Zamorak: If chaos is your thing, meet up with Moldark in Edgeville.
  • Bandos: Over by the Goblin Village, Murknose is gathering followers of the Big High War God.
  • Sliske: Once a simple housemaid, Relomia became lost in the Shadow Realm and became convinced that Sliske is a god. Talk to her in Draynor to find out more.
  • Zaros: The Empty Lord's emissary is Soran. He's spreading the word over in Varrock.
  • Armadyl: An aviansie on a mission, Taw'paak, is here tell the world about Armadyl. She's just south of Falador.

Once you've decided which cause is the worthiest, just speak to your chosen emissary to pledge your support. Right away, they'll give you a title, a wieldable banner with which to display your allegiance and the Book of the Gods. This contains the first chapters of eight tales, detailing what's been happening with the Gods since the Third Age ended. If you change your mind at any point, you can simply speak to another emissary to switch.

If you're a member, you'll then be able to perform three sets of jobs for the emissary. Each set has its own category - combat, skilling or exploration - and the skill requirements (and rewards) increase as you progress through them. While you progress through each set of jobs linearly, you can take on jobs from different sets at the same time.

The jobs for each emissary are the same, and if you switch to a different emissary, you'll pick up the jobs at the same point you left them. This means that you won't have to restart if you change your mind, and you won't earn additional rewards by completing one emissary's jobs and then switching to another.

Completion of the jobs earns you experience in relevant skills, and buffs - activated from your wieldable banner - which are helpful in related activities. You'll also unlock the remaining chapters in your Book of the Gods.

If you complete all of the jobs in all three categories, you will receive a relic helm - level 60 hybrid armour, styled after your choice of faction!

You'll get full details of the jobs offered by the emissaries as you progress through them, but you can also find a summary here.

Eight factions are vying for your support, with eight different philosophies to proudly proclaim as your own. The choice is yours!

Mod Ollo

How to start:

  • Locate your chosen emissary and speak to them.


  • There are no requirements for obtaining a banner, title and the Book of the Gods from an emissary.
  • In order to complete jobs and receive rewards for them, you must be a member.
  • The jobs have a range of skill requirements. See here for full details.

Behind the Scenes Video

Mod Osborne lays down the lore in our latest Behind the Scenes video:

In Other News

  • Dragon keepsake keys now work with weapons and shields! Pick one up now - or an extra-value pack of 3 or 6 - in Solomon' s General Store.
  • Watch out for stunning exquisite weapons, coming to the Squeal of Fortune this Friday.

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