Golden Gnome Awards 2014

RuneFest is back and better than ever before - but what would it be without the Golden Gnome Awards?

As always, our community is bursting with talent, and the Golden Gnomes give us a chance to recognise some of your greatest creations.

Heading into the fourth year of the Golden Gnomes, we want to continue to recognise all forms of talent, moving beyond just the video making awards given in the past.

Whether you’re an artist, video maker, cosplayer, or a role model for the community, there’s a Golden Gnome out there waiting for you.

Alongside the competitions launching today, a few surprise awards will be given out on the day, so even if you don’t enter in time, you’ll still have a chance to take home your little golden adventurer!

This year's competitions are:

Video and Live Streaming Competition

The Golden Gnome Awards were originally inspired by the video community and the amazing content they create, and so it’s only right that we continue this award category.

This year, there’ll also be awards for those broadcasting live on Twitch. Whether you’re a seasoned streamer or just starting out, you’ll all have a chance to claim one of these priceless awards on the day.

Find out how to enter the Video and Live Streaming Competition.

Art Competition

In our annual celebration of community art talent, we’ve got plenty of space to display all of your brilliant drawings, paintings and sculptures!

Regardless of your artistic discipline, be sure to send in your latest and greatest creations and you could be walking home with your very own gnome.

Find out how to enter the Art Competition.

Cosplay Competition

There’s nothing that screams 'RuneFest' like hundreds of people queueing in Central London with an array of skill capes, clan vexillums and rune armour!

Whether you're dressed as the Wise Old Man, Aggie the Witch, or even your own character, we can’t wait to see your amazing costumes on the day at RuneFest.

Find out how to enter the Cosplay Competition.

Community Champion Award

Last year we had the ‘Give me a Gnome because…’ competition, where we challenged you to tell us why you deserved a Golden Gnome.

With in-game updates like the Well of Goodwill, and events such as GameBlast, there’s been a heavy focus on giving within the community.

That's why we want you to nominate a Community Champion - an unsung hero who deserves to be recognised.

They could be a friend who walked you through a difficult quest; a stranger who gave you a surprise Christmas present; a player who raised money for a good cause; or even someone who - despite extraordinary real-world circumstances - still finds time to hop in game each day to play with friends.

The Community Champion Award will be a RuneFest first, and will be awarded to someone who has gone above and beyond in showing generosity to all.

Find out how to nominate someone for the Community Champion Award.

See you at RuneFest!

If you have any questions about the Golden Gnomes this year, visit the links in the sections above.

We can’t wait to see your entries pour in, and to dish out the awards on the day!

Mod Simon
Live Streaming Team

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