Graphical and Audio Updates

Those venturing to Edgeville or touting their wares at the Grand Exchange will notice that there have been a number of graphical updates, as well as a new layout for the Grand Exchange.

The Grand Exchange

The Grand Exchange has been overhauled to make it easier to use and better-looking. The main hub in the centre has now been replaced by four hubs, each with their own bankers and exchange clerks, spread out in each corner of the central, paved area. As well as easing the crowding at the Exchange itself, this frees up space for a central garden, where you can tout your wares, haggle with other players or just hang out and chat. Accessing the Grand Exchange is now easier than ever.


The frontier town of Edgeville has also been given a visual makeover. Improvements to the roofs, trees and ruins, as well as new lighting effects and visual props, have given the town a great new look and feel:

These improvements, along with the Draynor Village overhaul released earlier in the year, are just a first taste of the improvements we have planned for RuneScape’s graphics. We are aiming to enhance the medieval fantasy theme of the game, and upcoming engine fixes will allow us to fulfil the graphical potential of RuneScape.

- Mod GFX

Audio Improvements

We’ve also improved the majority of the Magic spell sound effects, including those for elemental spells, spells from the normal spell book and the Ancient Magick spells. There are also a new set of Agility course sound effects, making use of sampled sounds. Along with this come a range of ambient sounds and effects for many areas throughout the game, including the Morytania swamp, Misthalin and Asgarnia, making for a more immersive game experience.

These are just the beginning, so look out for more audio and visual improvements in the near future!

The RuneScape Team

In other news...

Several NPC adventurers can now be found wandering the world, including the heroes from the ‘Three’s Company’ Fremennik Saga.

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