Great Brain Robbery

Better dig out some protective headgear: the zombie pirates are back, and hungrier than ever for grey matter! Robbing innocent monks of their piece(s) of mind, crashing ships into their harmonious island monastery and generally raining on their pious parade - these scurvy dogs have set up a literal 'chop shop' in the once hallowed halls. Are there no depths to which they will not stoop? If you want to help out the cranially-challenged clergy and claim the reward for shifting the sort of headaches that even a willow bark infusion cannot remove, then speak to Brother Tranquility on Mos le'Harmless for details. New rewards - from craftable felines to the most nautical weapon in the game - await those players with the skill and know-how to foil the Great Brain Robbery!

In other news...

In the basement of the Tower of Life, players were finding they could steal other people's frogeels from combat. This has now been fixed.

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