Guaranteed Content Poll results

The results of the Guaranteed Content Poll are here. In it, we asked you two questions - 'Which non-player character would you most like to see graphically updated?', and 'Which group would you most like to see graphically updated?'.

You duly obliged, and we want to thank you all for really making a difference to the game.

So, to the results. Having counted through all of your votes, the Poll Orks are pleased to annouce the following winners:

The winner of the non-player character to be updated is - PARTY PETE

The winner of the group to be updated is - the TZHAAR

Our graphical wizards are now ready with their paintbrushes, eager to begin work on the choices you have made. The fruit of their labours will be included in our very next non-player character graphical update, early next year, so keep your eyes peeled.