Guardian's Gift & Wishes Explained

Guardian's Gift & Wishes Explained

The Login Lockout may be behind us, but there's still one outstanding gift waiting in the wings: Wishes!

These Wishes, and the Guardian's Gift that grants them, have been crafted as a love letter to thank all of you for the incredible support and patience you showed throughout the Login Lockout.

They come in a variety of different flavours (which we'll get into shortly) inspired by the feedback from those who were locked out. One trait they all share is that they're designed to provide players like you with opportunities they might have missed while they were unable to access the game.

So close your eyes and click your heels three times - let's see these Wishes!

The Guardian's Gift

Provided you're eligible to receive one, The Guardian's Gift will appear in your Backpack on your next log-in after our Game Update on Monday, May 24th. This is the item which grants you Wishes.

You're eligible if you meet the following conditions:

  • Your account was created before April 5th 2021
  • You have not received a Wish before
  • You are not in the Tutorial
  • Your Backpack is not full

So, if you satisfy the first two conditions, just make sure you finish the tutorial and clear space in your Backpack to receive the Guardian's Gift!

The Guardian's Gifts will be distributed on May 24th. You'll need to log-in before August 24th 2021 to claim one, although the Guardian's Gifts and the Wishes will remain available for as long as you have charge remaining.


Your Guardian's Gift holds a number of charges, which changes based on how you were affected by the Login Lockout:

  • Players who were locked out for an extended period of time (until April 28th or later) will get 400% charge.
  • Players who were locked out for the expected amount of time will get 300% charge.
  • Lastly, players who were not locked out at all will get 100% charge.


There are eight different wishes to choose from, each with their own charge cost:

NameDescriptionCharge cost*Notes
Inventor's WishA gizmo that doesn't consume materials when used20%

Can't be used by free-to-play accounts

Requires players to unlock the Invention skill

Entrepreneur's Wish

Gives a pack of non-combat items:

  • 2 Animal Name Re-Rollers
  • 2 Animal Trait Re-Rollers
  • 2 Farm Gender Re-Rollers
  • 2 Captain Re-Roll Tokens
  • 2 Crew Re-Roll Tokens
  • 2 Voyage Re-Roll Tokens
  • 10 Ports Resource Crates
  • Travelling Merchant Coupon
  • Writ of Freelancing
  • Writ of Barter
10%Can't be used by free-to-play accounts
Warrior's Wish

A pack of combat items:

  • Aura Refresh x1
  • Life Refresh x1
  • Soul Reaper Refresh x1
  • Item Protection Contract x1
10%Can't be used by free-to-play accounts
Wrangler's WishCauses animals in a specified pen to breed; Includes one guaranteed breed and one extra 40-80% chance to breed based on animal type10%Can't be used by free-to-play accounts
Navigator's WishCompletes all your active Player-Owned Port voyages10%Can't be used by free-to-play accounts
Archaeologist's WishCompletes your active Archaeology research10%Can't be used by free-to-play accounts
Wanderer's WishResets a daily, weekly, or monthly D&D of your choiceDaily: 1%, Weekly: 5%, Monthly 20%Can't be used by free-to-play accounts
Polymath's WishGives Double XP for one hour of play time10%

Can't be used by Ironman accounts

Free-to-play accounts will only get a 20% XP boost.

* Percentages relate to the initial total charge amount of 100%. A user with more than 100% can receive more Wishes. For example: a user with 400% charges can make 40 10% Wishes.

Now, let's look at those wishes in detail!

Inventor's Wish

For 20% of your Guardian Gift's charge, the Inventor's Wish will grant you a Costless Gizmo which you can fill with any material you have access to. What's so special about that, you ask? You don't actually need the materials in your Invention Pouch to add them to the gizmo!

Obviously you won't get Invention XP for completing the Costless Gizmo - but you will get all the other benefits. Also, if you have Ancient Invention unlocked, you'll get a Costless Ancient Gizmo instead.

Entrepreneur's Wish

For 10% of your total Guardian's Gift charge, the Entrepreneur's Wish will grant you a huge selection of non-combat items. Whether you're sailing the high seas or mucking about on your Player-Owned Farm, this bundle is sure to be helpful.

Here's what you'll get:

  • 2 Animal Name Re-Rollers
  • 2 Animal Trait Re-Rollers
  • 2 Farm Gender Re-Rollers
  • 2 Captain Re-Roll Tokens
  • 2 Crew Re-Roll Tokens
  • 2 Voyage Re-Roll Tokens
  • 10 Ports Resource Crates
  • Travelling Merchant Coupon
  • Writ of Freelancing
  • Writ of Barter

The keen-eyed amongst you will notice some new items in that list.

The Travelling Merchant Coupon can be used to change the Deep Sea Fishing Hub's Travelling Merchant's stock to what it was on any Runeday within the last 30 days. You'll be shown information about the stock available before you make your choice, and if you already bought an item on the day in question it'll be marked as 'Out of Stock'.

The Farm Gender Re-Roller does exactly what it says on the tin and lets you swap the gender of any animal on your Player-Owned Farm or The Ranch Out of Time, except for the tutorial Rabbits. It's stackable, untradeable and a members-only item. It will be destroyed on drop but will always remain in your Backpack on death. Please note that it can only be used on checked animals in your Backpack, and not on the animal NPCs in a pen. To prevent issues with names more commonly associated with a specific gender, animals will also have their names re-rolled.

The Writ of Freelancing will reset your Arc Contract limit for the day while the Writ of Barter will allow you to reset your Chime limit.

Warrior's Wish

The Warrior's Wish, available for 10% of your Guardian's Gift charge, will also get you a bundle of handy items - but this pack focuses on Combat.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Aura Refresh
  • Life Refresh
  • Soul Reaper Refresh
  • Item Protection Contract

You'll notice we've added more new items with this Wish.

The Reaper Refresh will let you complete an extra Reaper Assignment for free! This item is stackable and can be used an infinite number of times each day, but obviously cannot be used until you've completed your free daily Reaper Assignment or when you have an ongoing Reaper Assignment. It's not tradeable and will be destroyed if dropped. Lastly, you can't use it to abandon or reroll an active Reaper Assignment.

The Item Protection Contract can be exchanged with Death (or sometimes Frank) to get your items back free of charge.

Happy Slaying!

Wrangler's Wish

Here's another one for you Farming fans - the Wrangler's Wish will cause animals in the pen of your choice to breed. You'll get one new baby guaranteed, with an extra chance to get another. The exact probability changes based on animal type, but the chance will be within a 40-80% range.

Please note that animals of the same gender will experience the same reduced breeding chances as they usually would.

Navigator's Wish

One for the sailors! For 10% the Navigator's Wish will complete all your active Player-Owned Port voyages. To clarify, they won't automatically be successful - this is simply a time saving measure.

Archaeologist's Wish

Don't think we've forgotten about you shovelbums! 10% of your Guardian's Gift charge will get you the Archaeologist's Wish, which will complete your active Archaeology research. Perfect for those longer, 24-hour tasks!

Wanderer's Wish

Next up we have the Wanderer's Wish, which will reset a daily, weekly or monthly D&D of your choice for 1%, 5% or 20%, respectively. It's also unaffected by the usual once-per day/week/month limit that D&D Tokens have.

Polymath's Wish

Polymath's Wish is the first choice for skillers eager to max their gains. For 10% you'll get Double XP for an hour. It works just like one of the Knowledge Bombs from our Prime Gaming partnership - just make the wish, and enjoy your XP!

The Double XP in question will follow the same rules as our Double XP LIVE events. For the rundown, check out the FAQ.

Note: This Wish cannot be used by Ironman accounts.

The RuneScape Team

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