Halloween Comic Competition

Ghosts, zombies and other 'creatures of the night' all have a story to tell, but with all the chain-clanking, brain-devouring and screaming, their victims don't hang around (i.e. live) long enough to hear these tales of woe. In our latest competition, you have the chance to set this right via the medium of the comic strip!

In order to sort the Peter Cushings from the fluffy cushions, we’ve created three comic strips, each telling a different horrible tale... But there’s a problem – the middle three panels of each story have been severed, removed and buried at the bottom of the Jagex cemetery! There's no way any of us are going down there to retrieve them, though, so we need your help to make the stories complete once more.

Just choose which story you want to tell, fill in the missing panels and send it back to us.

Here's just one of the three comic strips as an example:

The non-artists out there will be pleased to hear that this competition calls for great ideas, NOT great art skills, as the winner will see their idea professionally rendered by our resident comic artist, Mod Laura W. We'll then show your work to the world before getting it signed by the artist, framed and sent to your door. We'll also add six months of membership credit to the RuneScape account of your choice.

For all the rules, terms and conditions, as well as details on how to download the comic strips and get your entry to us, come on over to the Halloween Comic Competition thread.

You can also use the Halloween Comic Competition thread should you have any related questions, or even if you just want to scare the wits out of the Community Management team with your ghost stories.

Good luck!

Mod Paul M
Community Management

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