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Halloween Comic Strip Winner

Despite some of our Jagex colleagues turning green, weve finally managed to get through the proverbial mountain of fantastic entries to the Halloween Comic Strip Contest!

Before we go ahead and announce the winner, wed like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part we always love seeing the funny, weird and downright wonderful creativity that the RuneScape community has to offer.

In case youve forgotten the prizes on offer, the lucky winner of the competition wont only receive 6 months of RuneScape membership, but well also professionally render their comic strip and send them a signed, framed version!

Okay, thats enough with the preamble - so who won?

It wasnt an easy decision, but the Halloween Comic Strip competition winner of 2010 is Madrat101 - congratulations! Your comic strip outlining the potential hazards of party-room usage had us giggling like...well, players in a party room.

As promised, the winning comic strip was passed to our in-house artist to be professionally rendered, and we think the result is brilliant:

A signed, framed version of this will be winging its way to Madrat101 soon.

We had a blast running this competition and hope you enjoyed taking part. As always, please do let us know if you have interesting competition ideas!

So, thats it for now. Again, thanks so much to everyone who entered and dont forget to head over to the forum thread to let us know what you think of the winning entry and the competition in general!

Mod Hohbein
RuneScape Community Management

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