Hallowe'en Treat: Scary Bonus XP Weekend!

We're really getting into the spirit of Halloween and Trick or Treat, and would like to give you - the community - a giant treat! Want to skill up in preparation for the Evolution of Combat launch, or just getting into the Halloween spirit? Then join in one of our famous Bonus XP Weekends!

For the first time ever, free players will also share in the Bonus XP Weekend, with 20% more XP. Naturally, though, being a member will always give you a significantly greater bonus: double XP!

Grab your gear, examine your skill levels and start scheming – the weekend will run from noon (GMT) Saturday 27th October to noon (GMT) Monday 29th October.

Keep an eye out for further details – we’ll tell you more as the event draws closer.

The RuneScape Team

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