Help Design the Dwarf Quest!

Previously, we launched a special BTS video where you - the RuneScape community - were asked to choose which of three quest series we should continue next. From the choice of Pirates, Dwarves and Gnomes you selected a continuation of the Dwarf series!

Our developers are hard at work designing the content of the next quest. This quest is about giving you the opportunity to help shape RuneScape's future, so we decided there was no better time to put your design skills to the test!

We're giving you the chance to actually design content that will be added to RuneScape, with the following competitions:

The Chaos Druid Leader

For this competition, we're asking you to design a villainous NPC for RuneScape. You will need to create the name, personality and description of a male or female leader of the Chaos Druids living in Taverley Dungeon. He or she needs to be human, but other than that, it's up to you!

The entries will be judged by the RuneScape Art Team, and the winner will be used as the base for the character concept.

Note that the team may need to make small changes, in accordance with the needs of the project.


  • Send a name and description to The description can be in the form of text or in the form of an image. Please put your username in the email and 'Chaos Druid Competition' as the subject
  • No more than half a page of A4 text.
  • Must be sent by the 19th July to qualify.
  • All submissions will become the property of Jagex Ltd

The Monster

This quest will feature a horrific monster. It'll live underground, and will drop an all-new dragon throwing axe. Again, aside from these points, it's all down to you! We want you to come up with a truly terrifying look for that monster and send it to our gallery!

As with the other competition, the winner will be used for the monster's concept, although the Art Team may make small changes as necessary.



  • Winning entry will be added to the game
  • Your name included in the credits for that quest.
  • Signed Concept Art

If you have ever wanted your ideas in the game now is the perfect chance!

Want more information on the upcoming dwarf quest? Be sure to check out our recent lore podcast!

The RuneScape Community Team

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