Help us get to 500,000 fans and dare a Jmod!

Lately we’ve asked our fans to spread the word about us and to help us in getting 500,000 page likes before midnight (BST) on Thursday the 16th 2011. Why, you ask? Well, once this goal has been achieved our fans will be given the opportunity to suggest a dare to a Jmod. Yes, you can suggest the craziest things like asking a Jmod to dress up in a tight fitting 80s-style gymnastic suit and to dance to the RuneScape music in the centre of Cambridge. The best suggestions will then be released and put up for a vote.

If you have a great idea for a dare and would love the opportunity to humiliate a Jmod then please come to our RuneScape Facebook, like our page and make your suggestion.

RuneScape Community Management

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