Herald Capes and Clan Capes

Herald Capes:

Free players and members can now obtain a herald cape from the heralds of Falador, Lumbridge and Varrock. These snazzy garments are not only completely free, but have a huge range of customisation options that will make your cape unique to you.

The number of customisation options is determined by how many tasks and quests you’ve done in the area. If you want to unlock five customisation tiers for the Lumbridge herald cape, you’ll need to complete most of the tasks for Lumbridge and a few low-level quests that are in the area. Even if you do not have all tiers unlocked, you’ll still have options to change the many colours of your cape and the tier pattern of its background; however, only the best players have access to the stylish range of cape crests.

Choose a city to show your allegiance; wear a cape in its related city and you may find that you’re greeted with more enthusiasm than before!

The herald of Falador can be found outside the Artisan’s Workshop, the herald of Lumbridge outside the general store, and the herald of Varrock near the east bank.

Clan Capes:

Clans with four clanmates or fewer will find that they cannot wear a clan cape from today onwards.

When designing the clan capes, we intended them to be a nifty and customizable way to show off your clan colours and insignia. That design also contained a problem: five players are required to create a clan, but we didn’t prevent anyone from leaving one, so a clan could quickly shrink to a single player.

By doing what we think is right for clans – restricting the use of the clan cape to groups of 5 or above - we would be taking away something very cool that any player, solo or clan-oriented, would want. It was our mistake to give solo players access to the clan cape in the first place, so it seems harsh to taunt solo players with a customisable cape, only to take it away with no replacement.

So, we've decided to offer all our players, free or members, unrestricted access to a customisable herald cape, while also reverting the clan cape to its original intention, restricting its use to clans of 5 or more clanmates. You will now find that if your clan is too small, your cape and vexillum will display the default motif and colours. We also prevent you from putting a clan cape on. You will still be able to use the vexillum to recruit, and if you recruit back up to the minimum clan size of five, everything will come back: your designs and colours will be displayed for all to see.

If you are a player who enjoyed the clan cape, but are not a member of a clan, we hope you enjoy the herald cape just as much, or maybe feel motivated to recruit a few extra friends on the way to creating a fully fledged clan.

Mod Chihiro & Mod Giragast

In other news...

While many wily sleuths will already have cracked this year’s Cryptic Clue Fest, remember that the content is still available for a limited time. There’s still time to earn your rewards!

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