Herbal Remedies

Ever get confused about the identity of those herbs nestling in the far corners of your bank? Ever wondered exactly what your unfinished potion contains? Well, never fear! We've spoken to the Herbalist of Nardah and put him to work, updating the Herblore skill.

The first changes are to unfinished potions. With this update you will no longer have to wonder what potion is within your vial. The Herbalist has examined them all carefully and labelled them up for you. He's also added a new naming convention to these potions - (unf) - which stands for 'unfinished', so you can tell their status at a glance.

The Herbalist also felt 'identifying' herbs was not the difficult part of Herblore - it's cleaning! So, your unidentified herbs have been replaced with 'grimy' herbs. You will now see grimy ranarrs, grimy marrentills and other mucky herbs. These require cleaning and a certain Herblore level to do so; the same Herblore level that was required to originally identify them. With no more identifying to be done, you will know exactly what herbs you are receiving from the very start.

Your efforts in herb Farming will also produce grimy herbs - giving you a small increase in Herblore experience as you clean them!

The Herbalist in Nardah is more than willing to clean up any grimy herbs for you - for a price of course. He has also, for no extra price, trawled through your herbs, identifying and sorting them into 'clean' and 'grimy' batches. Clean herbs are ready for use, whether in potions, in salamanders or anything else you could do with a herb.

We hope you'll now find that it's impossible to get scammed when you're buying herbs. We know that, in the past, some scammers have tried to trick honest players by playing on the fact that many people could not distinguish between unidentified herbs, so we've done this to make RuneScape more enjoyable for the honest majority of players.

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