Hundredth Quest - Recipe for Disaster!

The cook in Lumbridge has a surprisingly small number of ingredients to hand in his kitchen, possibly as a result of an endless stream of newcomers with light fingers taking anything that isn't nailed down. Luckily, in the past a kind Cook's Assistant was willing to help him in his culinary duties, but now a problem has appeared that could spell... a Recipe For Disaster!

Almost all members can attempt to solve his tricky predicament, and be rewarded accordingly, but only the very elite of questers will be able to put paid to his problem permanently! The quest itself has several sub-sections, each with their own unique rewards. Check out our new look quest pages for more information.

Players willing to take on the challenge of this, our hundredth quest in game so far and possibly the largest yet, should head immediately to Lumbridge Castle's kitchen, and help out their old employer the Cook immediately...

In other news, some players will be asked to help out Leo, the short sighted Gravedigger. He's buried in some serious trouble and needs his problems laying to rest. Can you help identify which grave is which? This new random event has a new costume to collect and some new emotes for the players to unlock if they can solve the puzzle.

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