Ignore lists, 1v1s & More

Ignore lists, 1v1s & More
Ignore lists, 1v1s & More

This week we have a bunch of quality of life updates from content poll #29. Trouble Brewing 1v1s, hiding messages from ignored players and more.


Hide Messages From Ignored Players

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1v1 Trouble Brewing

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Culinaromancer Gloves Renamed

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Banknote Exchange Merchants

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In other news...

    Slayer masters now have a right-click option, Assignment, that allows you to quickly check progress on your current task or start a new one.
    Saplings are now tradeable.
    Entering and leaving Sophanem is now significantly faster.
    The spelling of 'Lathas' in an elite clue challenge has now been fixed.
    The item "drag dagger" has been renamed "dragon dagger".
    The serpentine helm can now envenom NPCs that use only firebreath attacks.

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A poll deciding the future of permanent F2P and membership bonds for Old School is currently open. Head over to the poll home and vote. This is one of the most important Old School polls ever, make sure you have your say.

Work is continuing on Achievement Diaries and the Grand Exchange with both updates planned for release in the next few weeks. The next several weeks are going to be big ones for Old School, keep an eye out for some big updates!

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